Saturday, February 19, 2011


Nina fell asleep with Sosie around 12:30am. She had a restful night of sleep in spite of periodically sounding like she was struggling to swallow her own spit. I slept over head on the couch, watching her. She seemed like she had difficulty swallowing, like when you have heavy mucous from a cold. Then she'd start coughing to clear her airway! At one point, Sosie rolled over and caressed her face ever so gently right after Nina coughed. What preciousness before my eyes!!!!

Around 1:30am I sat next to Nina and just watched her sleep. I watched her breath peacefully, watched the tiny line of drool fall from her mouth, and watched her beautiful pink lips quiver as she dreamed. I watched her for a long time in the stillness of the night. I assumed she was sound asleep. Well, you think I would have learned by now NOT to assume a thing!!!! So....I did what any mom in my shoes would do, I kissed my honey-girl's arm, but instead of being met with just the perfection of my sleeping daughter I was met with a PHWACK!!! Out of the blue, Nina smacked in the head and growled, "Don't kiss me!" I just laughed quietly!!! That's my fierce fighter!!!! How I love her!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love this picture of precious Nina...

    Sorry she smacked you mommy...but I am sure there will be many days where when thinking about that sassy girl and the smack will crack you up! What a pistol she is! Ya gotta luv it!

    Sorry...but it is kind of funny...even in her resting she shows you who is boss!

    Love you Rosy! And God knows I love that little girl of yours!