Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 149

Thursday January 13, 2011

Nina is in love with Larisa! Larisa was on duty this morning and the two spent time looking at Nina's new collection of earrings! Larisa loves accessories too so they bonded even further :) As previously, Nina fell asleep and Larisa had to leave. Larisa left her a note telling her she'd come back to visit but when Nina woke up she yelled at me, "She never getta stay!" and chucked the note at me as hard as she could! I love how I'm the innocent bystander and still get creamed with all the wrath!!

I texted Larisa the insanity of Nina's response and joked about their love affair! Larisa felt terrible that Nina had gotten so pissed but I could tell she was equally, if not more, ecstatic that Nina had claimed her as her True Buddy :)  I joke, but in all seriousness, we are so blessed to have so many people love Nina!!! She is blessing so many but at the same time she is being blessed by the thousands of people who love her, even if they have never met her in person! This is humbling! Simply humbling!!!

Larisa inquired about stopping by after dinner, which I thought would be perfect. The two of them could make-up over discussions about how to coordinate accessories with outfits :)

Before I knew it, the day had passed and it was time to pick up Teddy! Teddy has decided that he wants to let his hair grow out. For years, Todd has buzzed Teddy's hair super short. The reason he has done this is two-fold: first, Teddy's hair grows like a helmet...no real pattern or style to it; second, Teddy has two cowlicks at the back of his head that grow in opposite directions and therefore push the top of his hair into an exaggerated Alfalfa-like crest he affectionately refers to as his Pointy-Dointy! Bottom line, we are not sure there are many options for Teddy's hair but we are willing to work with him :)

Anyhow, as we walked toward the car, I told Teddy that I liked his hair longer and that he looked cute. As soon as I said this, he looked at me and scowled so I corrected myself and said that he looked handsome. This time he said, "No way!" I asked, "Then what can I say if I can't say you're cute or handsome?" The little rascal said, "Cool!" So....I proceeded to say (assuming with his approval) "You're so cool!" to which the snot quipped, "You sound so uncool when you say cool!" and took off running! He is such an imp!!! I had on boots with heels so there was no way I could race after him. When I caught up with him I asked him if he thought he was clever. He smiled his million dollar grin and said, "Yep and you love me!" He's got me there!!

Our afternoon and evening flew by! How does that happen? Around 7:30pm Yvonne texted me to say that she was on her way. My loving Yvonne had eagerly agreed to spend the day with Nina on Friday so I could go to LA and spend the day with the Marbans. Linda knows that I occasionally need the respite to feel like a grown up, use my brain in a different capacity other than to document the presence or absence of Nina's symptoms. The Marbans and LA are my escape and Linda is right, I need the respite! So, Yvonne was the bestest of friends and agreed to giving me the break!

Before bed, the kids helped me cut and slice apples for an apple crisp for the Marbans. I wasn't able to get them one for Christmas and it was over due! There's nothing like a warm, sweet apple crisp to let folks know you love them!

By the time Yvonne arrived Teddy was fast asleep and Nina was hanging out. It was delightful to see my friend and I gave her my biggest thank you hug! Soon after her arrival, Nina also drifted off into slumber. This gave Yvonne and I a tiny bit of time to catch up! Yvonne and I have been the best of friends for over a decade. We have been at each other's side through everything. It is only fitting that she is at my side now. We sat quietly in the living room, sipping tea, watching Nina sleep and talking about our kids. We have done this for years but now it is different; it is marked by heart break and longing. Eventually, Yvonne gave me on last, tight squeeze before going to bed herself. I crawled into bed next to Nina and tried to sleep....even if it was just for a few hours!

Little bakers!

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