Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Am The Walking Dead

Last night, Yvonne and I went to a nearby Mexican restaurant to pick up Nina some refried beans!! "I love beans mama. They are too yummy!" she had said earlier when she outlined what she wanted for dinner. Oh sweet honey girl!!!

After Yvonne and I placed our order, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror! I didn't even recognize myself!!! I looked like a ghost, the walking dead!!! I feel like the walking dead!! I eat, I breathe, I talk, I sleep....but I am the walking dead!!! My soul is dying with each passing minute!!!


  1. Praying for strength. Always remember, God is holding you in His hand right now. He will see you through this dark tunnel you are in and the sun will shine again. But for now just be kind to yourselves and keep pouring out your heart. It helps.

  2. Dearest are not the walking dead on the contrary you are a beautiful wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend...that is visably wearing the signs of despair and heartache. All that know you continue to see your beauty, even through the exhausted sadness.

    Try to rest when you can and feel the love and support that surrounds you from family, friends and strangers that care so deeply for you and your family.