Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 156

Thursday January 20, 2011

Everyone woke up in a terrible mood today! Teddy was livid! "You always wake me up!" he hissed at me. Not sure why this is still a surprise after all of these years! I even tried to turn on his favorite song Its My Life by Bon Jovi (how appropriate is that for Teddy!?!) but that didn't even cheer him up. Luckily, his sweet buddy Thomas came careening around the corner and gave him a massive hug when he arrived at school. This seemed to do the trick! Friends...what blessings in life!!

If I had thought Teddy was in a mood, man was I in for it with Nina!! The sweet honey-girl was miserable! Nothing tasted good, I stunk (honestly I bathe multiple times a day and wear deodorant!), it was too hot one second and too cold the next, I was too slow, I talked too loud, the tv was too bright, the tv wasn't loud enough, and so on and so on!! I tried everything I could to cheer her up to no avail. Finally, I crashed at the foot of the living room mattress and said, "Honey, let's get out of here! What do you want to do?? You name it, we'll do it!" She looked at me and said, "I want to go buy Molly a bed and clothes!" Nina might as well have told me that I had won the lottery! I literally jumped up (which actually made her laugh) and told her that per usual her plan was perfection...sheer perfection!!

And then....just like that her mood changed! We went to Ross and found the perfect pink puppy bed, the perfect pink puppy bowl, and several beautiful pink and red dresses! As Nina made her selections, I secretly was laughing like a loon inside!!! The joke was so on Mario!!! On Tuesday he had told Nina that she could pick anything she wanted for the puppy, including clothes, but his only request was that she not buy pink things!! Ha!!!! He might as well have told her to only buy pink things!!! Silly man!! You can't tell Nina not to do something, especially not to buy pink puppy clothes and accessories :) Consequently, I just smiled as she picked out one pink outfit after another!

After Nina had made all of her selections, I sent Mario a text with the following photos. I also sent these same photos to my family and other friends via text. My family and friends were cracking up at Nina's choices and how horrified Mario was going to be :) Mario's reply text simply said, "You are evil!" I literally burst into laughter in the middle of Ross! I am evil :) Like my brother says....I am an evil genius!!

Not only did Nina find Molly an amazing starter wardrobe, she also found herself a killer pink guitar. She had a blast rocking out as we walked across the street to Anna's bakery and each got a treat. Nina got donut holes and I got a lemon bar (the best in the entire universe!). We sat outside, enjoying the warm sun and twirling breeze for almost 30 minutes. It felt great!! Amazing how a little distraction can change a bad mood altogether!

When we picked up Teddy, he was also in a better mood. He came into the car and gave Nina a huge hug, asking, "What did you do today you two sweeties?" I laughed out of delight and Nina showed him the dresses we had bought Molly and the sweater we had bought for Max. Teddy was not amused about the sweater for Max. He became very indignant and righteous about treating pets properly! "Mom, this isn't funny!" he protested. I suggested he join PETA!

Max is so embarrassed!! But what a sport!
Nina laughed for hours and so did I! Teddy was horrified :-)

Max so dreaded being ridiculed by the other neighborhood cats that he
 refused to go outside. I left the door wide open for 30 minutes and he
 never went outside! My dad couldn't stop laughing!!

The rest of the afternoon was quiet, which is such a blessing!!!! Nina requested mashed potatoes and gravy for a snack and Teddy joined her, so off to the kitchen I went and whipped up some mashed potatoes! Nina is such a brilliant girl! She's got the Get Me Out of the Blues formula down....a little shopping, a little rocking, a little sunning, and a little comfort food for added junk in the trunk :) When I gave her the mashed potatoes she said, "It's just too yummy!" Perfect!

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  1. so great to see your update! i love the happy ending to the day you had with teddy and nina. i laughed so hard at nina choosing pink outfits for molly. that picture of nina rocking out to the (pink) guitar is precious. she looks sooo absorbed and radiant. i can't imagine how you must feel sometimes. when i think about someone i love and care about deeply, i am happy but there is also fear at not knowing if i will lose that person...
    praying for you all