Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Nina Day!!!

Our honeygirl celebrated her 8th birthday in Heaven today, this time while holding her darling Vovo's hand. While we know that Nina had the most glorious birthday in Heaven, we miss her terribly here on Earth and to this very second wish she were here by our side! 

We love that so many people across the country joined us in celebrating Happy Nina Day by doing something to make another person happy and giving beautiful fun dresses to underprivileged little girls.

We spent our Happy Nina Day remembering our miracle, doing some of her favorite things, giving Nina Day dresses to two very sweet little sisters, and releasing 8 balloons to the gorgeous, albeit extremely windy Santa Barbara sky.

We love our Nina with we every fiber of our beings and miss her forever!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Too Many

Two years today, but it might as well be two minutes ago. I still see Nina's precious face as clearly as the last time I kissed her goodnight, and I still catch myself waiting to hear her laugh. Two years too many without our honey-girl and yet not a single day goes by without us remembering and being thankful for all the joy she brought to our lives.

And now, our darling angel is no longer alone in Heaven (as her remarkable brother used to worry about). On February 1st, 2013 my loving father, Estevao "Steve" Matos, passed away in bed without warning and after spending the most wonderful afternoon working along side the love of his life on their Nina memorial garden.

Two too many, yet we thrive on the love, joy, and wisdom we received from our angels!

Empty shoes can never ever be refilled but their footsteps should be followed forever!!