Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Nina Day!!


Nina at preschool a few months before the diagnosis

Today is Nina's 7th birthday!!! My friend Tash sent me the above photo yesterday and it took my breath away!!! What an amazing gift to be reminded of the joy and happiness that radiated from Nina on the heels of the 1-year Anniversary of her going to Heaven. 

To say this week and the month leading to February 21st was painful does not begin to describe the agony we live each day since losing our angel. However, receiving this new photo of Nina was like getting a kiss from my precious honey girl. How I wish that kiss was happening right now, cuddling in bed with her and waking her up with my goofy-sounding rendition of Happy Birthday. I got to do that for 5 glorious years! Today and here on out I will settle for her kisses from Heaven!

This morning I looked up the "meaning" of Nina's name and this is what I found:

In Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and French it means Little Girl.

In Native American it means Strong & Mighty.

In Hebrew it means Gracious, Affable, Beautiful Eyes.

And in English it means With Favor and Grace.

How perfectly do these meanings describe our Angel!

Nina was and IS forever our Little Girl, Strong and Mighty, who is Gracious, Affable with Beautiful Eyes and who above all is With Favor and Grace!!!!!!!!!

Today, Teddy started a new tradition in Nina's honor. From now on, we declare that February 23rd is Happy Nina Day, a National Day of Happiness where we bless someone with a bit of happiness. As such, each year we are going to celebrate Happy Nina Day by giving a bit of happiness to an underprivileged little girl. This year, Teddy picked a couple outfits for a sweet little baby girl named Ruby and this afternoon he took her his gift and a little gift for her big brother Erick. We encourage everyone who reads this blog to do the same thing every February 23rd! Nina was very proud of her big brother today, as she always is!

In her short life here on Earth, Nina taught us all how to live beautifully and seize happiness in every instance! 


Nina's true heart made her this card today

Beautiful Angel!