Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 162

Wednesday January 26, 2011

I had a 10am meeting for my new job today. It was a nice opportunity to get out of the house and feel like a grown up in a different capacity. When Larisa came over to hang out with Nina, she and Todd were still asleep. Shortly thereafter when Todd brought her downstairs Nina's fury was detonated :( She was not happy that I was gone and demanded that Larisa leave. Larisa didn't want to upset her and did so with a heavy heart I could tell. I checked in with Gordy and he said that Nina had eventually calmed down and was now enjoying breakfast and cartoons. Sadly, Nina is just on an emotional see-saw; one second she is up and the next she is down :(

When I returned home, Nina was elated. We took Molly out the grass area. The walk from the living room mattress to the stroller out front of our condo was slow and physically consuming for Nina. I have to hold her securely underneath her armpits, otherwise she falls over. However, it is so essential that she not just lie in bed all day. Thank goodness she is motivated by Molly, especially by the notion of picking up Molly's pooh! I still don't quite understand why this is so important but it is. Somehow, it must make Nina feel extra grown-up herself to be the one to pick up Molly's pooh! So....we went to the grassy area and eventually (man Molly takes forever!) Molly went pooh! Who knew pooh was so motivating but sure enough, Nina practically leaped out of her stroller. I helped her walk over to the pooh and she bent over to scoop it up into the doggie pooh bag. She even tried to tie the top of the bag like I do :) She is such a big hardworking girl!!

After our pooh excursion, I decided we needed to get out of the house. Nina explained that she wanted to go shopping for dresses. Perfect! I called Larisa and she joined us downtown. Not only did we find a number of cute dresses at Old Navy for Nina, we also found a darling outfit for Molly at doggie store on State Street. As we tried on outfits on Molly, Nina and I just laughed and Larisa was horrified that the owner might think we were abusing poor Molly :) At one point, I was trying to find Molly a chew toy and she totally starting chomping on a rope one. From a distance, the owner asked if I was planning on buying the toy. Larisa and I both chuckled! Of course I wasn't....I was going to let Molly munch and destroy a toy and then leave it!!

After buying Molly's outfit, Nina said she was hungry. Unfortunately, she didn't find anything appealing at the bakery across the street so WWIV began!!! She screamed and hollered in the parking lot, refusing to buckle up for about 10 minutes, although it seemed way longer!!! Sweet Larisa stayed with me, keeping me company. I tried to redirect Nina and explain that we had food at home or could go to the store but she was beyond logic so I just waited. It was hot so eventually she gave up, apologized, conceded, and we went  home. Lucky for me, Gordy was able to pick up Teddy otherwise we would have been super late.

Once at home, we had a yummy snack of pears and crackers and the universe was restored to its balance (according to Nina!).  Sharon had made an amazing dinner of chilli verde and we all devoured it. I had canceled tutoring because Teddy wanted to spend some special time with his grandparents and they ended up doing movie night. I was so wrapped up in my chilli verde that I forgot I had a meeting with my friends....I'm such a good friend!!!

Movie night was fun....made perfect by Nana's popcorn and root beer. As Todd put Teddy to bed, Nina, Nana and I proceeded to have girl's night :) Nina loved, LOVED girls night. We painted finger and toenails! The most wonderful part was that Nina painted my nails (only one hand because she became tired) and Nana's toes. She is such a sweetheart. I've never been a very girlie girl. My mom is girlie and always looks perfect. I'm lucky if I remember to put on earrings. However, Nina is girlie and I've learned to become more girlie because of her. These past few months we've had a blast shopping and having girl's night. I will forever be a better girl because of Nina!

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