Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 161

Tuesday January 25, 2011

I almost cracked this morning. I don't really know why, nothing particularly awful happened, but nonetheless I almost cracked. I actually woke up in a terrific mood and made Teddy pancakes. I was so proud of myself as I walked up with the piping warm plate. As luck would have it, Teddy was in a terrible mood. He woke up hollering at me, gripping about how he hated to get up and go to school. I tried to redirect him with the warm pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream but he shouted at me, stating that he didn't want any. Each step (getting dressed, brushing teeth) was like a major battle. I guess I hadn't realized how tired I was but each whine just pissed me off so severely that it was almost impossible for me to contain myself. Then Molly showed up. She has become my therapy dog as much as Nina's :)

By the time, we loaded up into the car, Teddy apologized for yelling at me. I apologized for snapping at him and thanked him for repairing the situation. I turned on his favorite song and we drove quietly to school, Molly cuddled on my lap.

When I got back home, Nina had decided we needed to go buy Molly shoes and then go to Costco to have samples. What can I say....the girl is a genius! She has also taken to taking photos. Ever since Yvonne was last up she has decided her little point and shoot camera isn't sufficient; she wants to use the SLR. I think it's fabulous. I love seeing what she is interested in and how she captures the images around her. At one point she asked me to take a photo with Molly. So sweet. Below are a few of the photos she took:

We all got dressed and headed out. Papa and Molly scored big time on shoes. Papa found some killer kicks and Nina and I found Molly the cutest pink booties ever!! We laughed at the look of horror on Mario's face. As we made our way to the check out stand, we passed by lingerie. Nina commanded, "Mama go back!" I did and she pointed to a risque little outfit and said, "Can I buy that and save it for when I'm a grown up!" I died and sent a text to everyone!! My brothers response was the most classic, a horrified "NOOOOO!" I love these little moments of laughter! They keep us alive.

Nina was right! The samples at Costco rocked! We basically had lunch there ;) Eventually, Nina fell asleep. As Sharon and I waited outside with Nina and Molly while Gordy paid for some groceries, Sharon commented on how I could do this (taking care of Nina) all day and if I wasn't exhausted. I am exhausted, I will be exhausted for the rest of my life!!!! However, I have no other choice but to get up every morning and try to create happiness in the midst of darkness.

After our samples, we picked up Teddy and spent the afternoon doing crafts, homework, and hanging out. Nina picked these really cool horses for us to paint at Ross. She got frustrated that hers wasn't perfect and Teddy tenderly said, "Nina, it is better than perfect, it is art!" We have always said Teddy was born for greatness. He was and he is demonstrating it in all that he does and says!

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