Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 171

Friday February 4, 2011

"Is Sosie here?" Nina asked before pulling me in for a giant smooch. I told her Sosie would arrive around bed time. "Oh.....What's for breakfast?"

We ate breakfast and then hopped into the tubbie. As we were walking back to the living room bed (a mighty feat for Nina!) Linda walked into the house! I was so happy to see her! Linda had come up to spend the entire day with us. What a blessing it is to be well loved!

The three of us spent the morning hanging out. As I got ready, Linda entertained Nina (a job she does exceptionally well!). I heard Linda comment on a photo I have of Nina and I on the mantel. It is a black and white photo of me comforting Nina on the beach last June, right before the diagnosis. My brother took this and gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I heard Linda ask Nina if the photo was when she was 4 and Nina sadly said no. Later on Linda told me that interaction would probably remain the single most heart breaking memory from this journey with us, seeing precious Nina painfully long for the little girl she used to be. That sentiment captures the cruelty of this nightmare! That our precious honey-girl has to be painfully aware of her body failing her, lamenting all along what used to be!!! This is HELL!!!!!

In spite of her sadness, Nina is always ready for happiness. Auntie Linda treated her to mounds of glittery make-up and a delicious ice cream cone. Then my wonderful friend Mi Na came over to hang out with Nina while Linda and I went out to lunch. Every time I am with Linda my spirit is fortified. Not only did we have a delicious lunch at Palazzio, Linda took me "grown-up" make-up shopping; Mama got a make over too and it felt great!!! All the girls had a laugh at my expense for not knowing what Kielh's lotion is! Not sure who's laughing now....I'm the one that got pampered beyond belief :)

Linda and I picked up Teddy from school; however, the rascal and his buddy Will tried to pull a fast one on us by saying Will's dad had approved a play date when he hadn't. Rascals! Back home, Nina requested we play Wii Just Dance. She picked Kesha's Tik Tok as our battle dance. Linda and I had a showdown and let's just say that even with Teddy clinging onto her back trying to help me win Linda wooped my ass!!!!!!! It was pathetic!!! Of course my competitive nature came through and I promised Linda I was going to diligently practice and then re-challenge her to a duel. She chided me for great modeling of sportsmanship but I really think she's scared :)

I was Sunny and Linda was Funky. Funky took me to town and then some!!!

Goodbyes are never easy and they are seeming to become more difficult with each passing day. Thankfully, Sosie, Kyle and Elle arrived around 11pm so we had another set of hellos to keep us company and to share happiness with. Nina embraced Sosie with sheer love and delight!!! She couldn't stop smiling. None of us could!!!

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  1. Love the video... I love her little body! Reminds me of my little Mary. Who when she is "bare" I could just devour her and rub their sweet soft skin! Even at 4 or 5 years old they still have their baby soft skin. There is nothing else in the world like that feeling.

    Thank you for sharing!