Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 181

Monday February 14, 2011

I woke up early, worried that Teddy would have a hard time getting out of bed, wake up crying or resist going to school all together. However, none of my fears were validated. Teddy woke up in the most incredible mood. Of course it may have helped that I woke him up by massaging his back, "Mom you're the best massager in the world!" When I took him to school he asked, "Are things bad?" and I replied that not yet. He didn't cry. He just nodded matter of factly. Teddy is doing exactly what a healthy person does; he shares his emotions, gets sad, gathers fact, and presses forward. Teddy is my hero!

Nina had another miserable night of no sleep. She tossed and turned and could never get comfortable. She woke up in a disastrous mood of course and nothing could make her happy. My poor parents did everything they could to brighten her mood but nothing worked. Then around 10:30am, Mario arrived with a surprise.....a giant Patrick Pinata! The look on Nina's face was nothing less of spectacular!!! She beamed with joy!!!! For weeks we had been pouring all over the internet trying to find the perfect Patrick pinata for her upcoming birthday party. She didn't like a single one. Apparently, Mario had the one he bought custom made in Bakersfield when he went to visit his family. My parents were so happy to see Nina's joy!!! I was so happy to see Nina's joy. We are all willing to do whatever it takes to bring her happiness!!! Before leaving, my mom turned to Mario and said in her beautifully thick Portuguese accent, "Thank you for making my granddaughter happy!"

Nina was most definitely happy. She turned to Todd and said she wanted to buy candy to fill Patrick. First she was made that we couldn't take his head off to make candy insertion easier but she quickly recovered and they spent about an hour filling that ginormous beast up!!! I'm not sure a rope is going to be able to hold him up!!! After lunch, Yael Brennan brought chubbster Mattie over to love on Nina and she also helped with the fattening of Patrick. Nina was so happy! We were all happy!

After school, Yvonne arrived to spend the beginning of the week with us and I took Teddy to get a hair cut. He was not happy because he was worried the hairdresser would cut it too short. In actuality this was his first haircut. Todd has always buzzed his hair but now Teddy wants to let it grow out. When the hairdresser was done, Teddy was stoked and I was thrilled not be looking at Chewbacca any longer :)

Today was suppose to be Valentine's Day and for the kids it still was. They enjoyed opening their Valentines. Teddy's classmates made Nina her own Valentine's bag and filled it with goodies. When Teddy got home, he sat down and helped her open them all. Then Teddy made us hand-made Valentines . He is the sweetest boy!!

We spent the rest of the night trying to make Nina comfortable and happy. We were desperate. We gave Molly a bath, rented movies, made popcorn, did whatever we could but nothing seemed to help!

At bedtime, Nina wanted Todd to sleep with her downstairs so he did. I put Teddy down who fell asleep instantly. I went to bed with a sense of dread.


  1. Okay...this Patrick is crazy big! OMG Mario does it again... he is one in a million! ~:)
    Nina is beautiful and Teddy is such a doll! What love he has!

    And you and Todd continue to push forward to make each moment as bright as you can for them both. You are amazing, truly wonderful parents!

    Your Vanetines day was filled with moments of love and family and that is the essence of the day!


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