Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 172

Saturday February 5, 2011

We were all beyond happy to have Sosie, Kyle and Elle here! Nina couldn't have Sosie sit close enough :) Teddy was constantly climbing all over Kyle and I cherished Elle's company. I was most happy for Todd. He and Kyle are the best of buddies and love entertaining each other. It wasn't too long before I heard Kyle's ridiculous cackle come soaring through the house as Todd told him some outlandish tale! No one loves Todd's stories as much as Kyle!

Last night before bed, Nina had asked if we could have girl's night today. I had told her we were going to have Girl's Day & Night, which made her smile. I will do anything for those smiles. So...after breakfast the girls and I left for our make-up shopping spree at Sephora and State Street, while the guys went to the Winchester Gun Club to do silly boy things :)

Sephora Shopping Spree!!!! Yippy!!!

The girls, Molly and I had an absolute blast picking out make-up at Sephora, having lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and shopping on State Street. Nina couldn't decide what she wanted for lunch and was beginning to get frustrated so I told her to order it all. And we did. We ordered her Mac & Cheese, cheese pizza, and half pepperoni and half olive pizza. As we ate, Sosie reminded me how old I was!!! First, she declared that you cannot use the term "hot" to describe anyone over 19!!!! Then she looked completely disgusted when I asked if she thought Brad Pitt was hot! Elle and I just laughed hysterically!! Then she proclaimed that life after 30 just seemed to be over! I practically spit out my ice tea all over the table. I looked at her completely appalled and reminded her that I had recently turned 34. "Oh, no look like you're in your 20s!" Kiss up!!! Well....kiss up or worked....I told her I was taking her shopping just for that statement! She smiled her impish smile!!!

Yummy vanilla ice cream!

Cracking up at silly Sosie!
We returned home and Sosie immediately opened her beauty shop for Nina. My heart melted as I watched Sosie pour oodles of love into Nina. Sosie is known for being a rascal. Truth be told, Sosie is a rascal but she is also a diamond, a true gem!!! The way she interacted with Nina and attempted to bring her happiness at any cost was breathtaking.

By the time we returned home, it was dinner time. I had told the girls over lunch that I guaranteed the guys forgotten about food before leaving on their cowboy trip. Sure enough I was right! They hadn't eaten a thing since breakfast and were starving. Soo....Kyle, Elle, Sosie and I ran off to Free Birds in Isla Vista and picked up a smorgie of food. As we were returning with our banquet, Enjey, Sharon, Mi Na and Crystal asked if they could bring the kids Yo Yum Yum. Could they ever!!!!

On our way to Free Birds...nice scrawny beard Kyle!

The Queen and her Court :)

Nina was totally tickled by getting the yummy strawberry frozen yogurt with bananas on top. Teddy was very proper and polite, albeit a bit stoic :) Unfortunately, once the queen had her ice cream she proclaimed we were being too loud and banished us from her kingdom :) Shortly after the girls left, Dan arrived. Lucky for him we had plenty of yummy Mexican food left for him!

Teddy and Nina are loved by so many people, half of them they will never meet.

Girl's Night....Nail Party Time :)


  1. Yay for fro yo! My currently favorite is Caramel~!

  2. This post was wonderful and happy. Loved the picture of Nina laughing with her cone.

    I've been crying reading your blog. I have two children, my son is 7, my daughter is 4. I just have to stop here to tell you I'm so sorry for your loss of your sweet Nina. Love, hugs, and peace to you and your family.