Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 158

Saturday January 22, 2011

The theme for today was "Fun with the Dawson's", sprinkled with occasional "Earthquakes from Nina". One of the side-effects of going back on the steroids is that Nina's emotional regulation is almost non-existent. Yvonne said it best when she described Nina as a toddler, who is unable to restrain any emotional impulse and response :( One moment she is happy and the next she is furious!!! We just have to ride this train and love her by trying to redirect her until we can find happiness again!!!!! Thankfully, she is easily redirected so the earthquakes don't last too terribly long! Phew!

The entire day was a gift. We spent the morning making Sander's Indian Jones cake. Nina was so proud that she had picked the cake and planned on the details. Sander was tickled because he had wanted this cake last year but they hadn't been able to find a bakery that could make one. Thankfully, Auntie Rosy and Nina had a bakery with no limits :) although secretly I was super worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off and both the kids would be upset. Thankfully, we pulled it off and the cake came out great.

After we finished the cake, we went for a hike and lunch at Ellwood park. The monarchs are in full bloom this time of year. It is amazing to see how many of them flock to this area. Of course, Nina was not happy we had decided to do this, "We did this last week." She was so unhappy she proceeded to tantrum for about an hour. As she tantrummed, the boys ran around getting rid major amounts of energy. Eventually, Nina fell asleep. She needed a nap and that was why she was tantrumming. Our picnic lunch at the bluffs was fabulous and the kids did a great job!

We returned home to an incredible dinner and then commanded the boys to go play video games upstairs while we decorated the living room for Sander's party. Earlier in the week Nina and I had discussed decorating the living room with streamers to look like a cave with vines, something that Indian Jones would go exploring in :) Nina loved the idea and so did Yvonne. We had so much fun decorating, especially once I put the dance music on :) Eventually, Niels joined us and his insane dance moves (Yvonne and Robert are in a heap of trouble with that boy...he's got moves!!!) made Nina laugh hysterically!!

Once we were done decorating, Nina called out to Sander. His darling face lit up when he saw what we had done. Bottom line, we had converted our living room into the coolest cave ever :) I was so thrilled and grateful for Nina's motivation to do this. Sander and her were best buddies and he has had a deep (and not so secret) love for her since toddlerhood. Her illness has been hard on him because he no longer has his buddy that can climb or ride or run with him ;( Having Nina put so much effort into his birthday was a phenomenal gift! Then again, that is who Nina is....she is a giver!

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