Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 169

Wednesday February 2, 2011

"Is Sosie here?" were the first words Nina said to me this morning. I smiled and told her Sosie was coming on Friday. "How many more sleeps?" she asked. Aha...that's how I needed to explain it :) I told her two more and the biggest smile spread across her face!

Nina's walking is practically nonexistent. She no longer can stand up by herself or hold herself up. Even with support from me (holding her under the arms) walking is a major labor. Walking 50 feet to the bathroom is exhausting and practically leaves her in tears, "I can't walk mama!" My soul aches when she says this!!! To make matters worth she is incessantly drooling. Sometimes it bothers her and others it doesn't. When it does bother her, she cries, "I can't stop!" Seeing her in pain like this is a living hell!!!!! I would rather spend eternity in a pit of hot lava than to see my precious child experience such pain, be so aware of her deteriorating body!!!

Despite the escalating symptoms, life has to gone.....we need to find some kind of happiness....some kind of laughter....something to help us get through our day. After breakfast, Nina called me over and said, "Mama I'm ready to be pretty....can we put on make-up and buy new make-up?" I loved it!!! What a brilliant idea! This is the essence of Nina, she can be down but then she wills herself up by finding something, some task, some activity that will redirect herself. So....we bathed, got dressed, dolled up Molly and went shopping.

We went to Macy's and Nina picked out some beautiful make-up. It was obvious that she felt better about herself, that her mood had lightened. I was so thankful!!

Nina has always been beautiful, inside and out. She was beautiful from birth and she is more beautiful than ever!!!!!! We all tell her. Sometimes she believes us, sometimes she doesn't. When Mario picked up Molly he told her, "Nina you look so gorgeous! Your make-up just makes your eyes pop! So beautiful!" Nina came unglued.....she giggled so loudly and ringed her hands in delight :) Nina is gorgeous!!! She will always be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like Mario is a bit O' heaven sent for Nina (as are many of your friends that are there for Nina)... From sharing Molly to his ever perfect compliments. I hope he realizes how much those words must have impacted her and how much he is giving her. What a special man. I don't know him, but I could just squeeze him! ;)

    I pray that Nina will continue to fight through the symptoms that are being placed upon her little body and that God will continue to give her the strength she needs to find away through these moments and on to happier moments.

    I pray for sweet Nina.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous girl!! Man, she comes up with the best ideas!! Praying always!!

  3. Girls day at the make up counter at Macy's sounded like just the ticket to happiness!!!

    Praying for Nina.