Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 155

Wednesday January 19, 2011

I have the greatest friends in the world! Sharon, Larisa, and Crystal have been coming each morning and what a help it has been. Promptly at 8am, Sharon arrived. I was helping Teddy put his shoes on and within minutes we were off to school. As we drove, "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars came on the radio and Teddy exclaimed, "I love this song!" I love it too but what I didn't expect was for Teddy to reach over and grab my hand! Not only did he grab it, but he kissed it ever so sweetly! My heart instantly melted! He could have asked me for a brand new Xbox game and I would have agreed :) Lucky for me, he didn't nor has he quite figured out what putty I turn into when he is so sweet! I walked him to his classroom and wished him a great day. By now, he returned to cool mode and simply nodded in agreement :)

When I returned home, the first thing Nina said to me was, "Can we go shopping for Mario's puppy?" I cracked up and told her of course! Sharon said goodbye and I confirmed with Kelly that she was on her way. Shortly thereafter, Kelly arrived and we spent a couple of great hours visiting. Again, I am so blessed to have such wonderful and loving friends. Each of them have made this tour through hell less scary, less lonely, less overwhelming!

After Kelly left, I asked Nina if she wanted to get dressed and go find things for Mario's puppy? Not only did she, but she wanted to get dressed up for it, "I want to wear a skirt!" Nina hasn't wanted to wear a dress or skirt for weeks! But now she was motivated and I jumped to it!

As I got Nina dressed, Mario called and said that he wanted Nina to name the puppy! I couldn't believe my ears and warned him that he might end up with a fluffy white dog name Princess Fifi and how could that possibly be good for his image?!?! He laughed and insisted he was willing to take the risk. I turned to Nina and told her the news and then asked her what she wanted to name the puppy. Without a bit of hesitation, she instantly turned to me and said, "Molly!" Oh my goodness. My mouth dropped! Molly! What a perfect name for a cute girl puppy! I told Mario what she had said and he laughed, noting (more like rubbing it in!) how he'd known all along that Nina would come up with the perfect name! Molly it was!!!

After Nina got all dressed up, we went to the Pet House, which is around the corner from where we live. There, Nina picked a coller and a name tag and found a gorgeous blue sweater for Molly. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy the sweater....guess I will have to return tomorrow to get it.

Soon enough it was time to pick up Teddy from school. Teddy had done most of his homework the last two days so he got to play outside even longer. While he played, I got to look at pictures of Indian Jones cakes on the Internet with Nina. Last week, Yvonne had asked if they could come up this weekend to celebrate Sander's birthday. What a perfect idea! Now, Nina and I had a party to plan and as we looked for the "perfect" cake I witnessed her little mind work fervently and lovingly for her darling friend. Eventually, Nina found the "perfect" cake and I knew I was in serious trouble :) At least it would be fun trying!!!

By the time dinner rolled around, I had joined Nina for several snacks and decided I should probably brush my teeth. So I went to the bathroom and took out my brush and proceed to put tooth paste on it. As I started to brush, I was like, "Damn this is nasty!" Instantly I looked down at the tube of toothpaste and realized it wasn't toothpaste but A & D Diaper Rash Ointment!!! I had grabbed the wrong tube!!!! I immediately texted my family and close friends and got a barrage of hysterical, smart remarks. However, the winner has to go to Linda....she replied in her text, "You really put your ass into that one!" Yep...she was the winner and I was the dorkus!! At least I brightened every one's day for a bit :)

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