Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 150

Friday January 14, 2011

Prior to Nina's illness I could honestly say that I was not a huge LA fan. It's crowded, filled with traffic to the brim and in all honesty I couldn't really see what all the fuss is about. However, having spent quite a bit of time there now, I must admit that it has grown on me! Now, LA is a place of refuge for me and today that is what I found there....refuge. The Marbans have opened their hearts and  home to us and I am forever thankful!

I spent the day with Linda and my spirit was renewed! Yvonne kept me appraised about Nina. The morning had started off rocky with Nina screaming her head off that I was gone (feel good for me!). However, Todd had helped her calm down and eventually she and Yvonne had a lovely day together, shopping, taking down the Christmas decorations, and being goofy. I am so happy that Yvonne gets to have this time with Nina. She loves Nina like her own child and Nina adores her, especially Yvonne's flair for fashion : ) Apparently, the two of them had spent quite a bit of time shopping and shopping for me! Oh my :)

On my way home, I picked up Las Fuentes. Bruno and Michelle were on their way down to spend the weekend with us! Nina was beyond tickled! She couldn't wait to see how big the baby had grown! I couldn't wait to hug my brother and my precious sister in-law! Pulling myself away from Teddy and Nina is extremely hard to do because I worry that I won't be there if something happens. However, I'm beginning to recognize that the occasional moment away does me wonders and helps me be re-energized to mother them to my fullest capacity!

I got home before Bruno and Michelle, however, their arrival was met with fireworks! Nina was elated and couldn't stop rubbing Michelle's belly! Precious girl! Oh how I yearn for her to meet her baby cousin, to change his diaper, to love him as he grows!

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