Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 163

Thursday January 27, 2011

I admire many things about my children. As a parent, it is very easy to get wrapped up in all the things they "need" to learn or "should" be doing. It is ever so easy to be engulfed by their naughtiness and rascaliness and endless energy and neediness. It is much, much, much harder to focus on their gifts and their preciousness because we take those things for granted. I know I struggle with this on a daily basis, however,  during the past 6 months I have been drastically changed. I catch myself much easier. I start to obsess about what Teddy needs to do or how his attitude still hasn't improved "enough" and then I catch myself...much quicker than ever before. When I catch myself, my heart always stings, like it got swatted by an electric current. It's a good sting because it reminds me to be grateful for who Teddy is and for who Nina versus complaining about how I'm failing them as a mom because I'm not teaching them what they need to learn.

I admire Teddy's effervescent energy. He is a puppy. That is the best way to describe him. He has an incredible curiosity about the world and learns by touching and exploring. His imagination is astounding. He is incredibly intelligent (although hasn't quite learned to believe that about himself yet) and has a beautiful loving heart. Teddy's infectious laugh only rivals his hilarious sense of humor. Most of all, I admire Teddy's willingness to help love Nina even when he doesn't really want to, like today when we went shopping for earrings. He didn't want to go, yet he did because Nina begged him and he knew it was the right thing to do. His loving heart fills me with indescribable pride and gratitude.

I admire Nina for her strength. Nina is strong in every sense of the word, no more so than in her ability to endure these past 6 months. Nina is a beautiful ray of sunshine that warms everyone who comes in contact with her.  Not only is she beautiful inside and out, she is exceptionally smart and generous for someone so young. I also admire that Nina is honest, even at the expense of hurting someones feelings like when she tells me I smell when I just  brushed my teeth!!!

Today, Nina spent the day taking photos with my SLR. I love seeing all of the things she finds interesting. She was also very tired and on multiple occasions got very frustrated I'd leave her side even for a moment. After school, Teddy joined Cami and Katie outside for some adventure play while Nina took a little nap.

Given that this was going to be Papa and Nana's last night, we had movie night. Once again, Nana made popcorn and we all loved munching on it! One of my favorite parts about their visit was seeing Teddy cuddle with them. It made them feel loved and in turn they reminded Teddy how incredible he is!

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