Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have always been able to use words to convey what I am feeling, thinking, and experiencing. Every one who knows and loves me knows that I am probably the world's most verbose person. But there are no words to express the horrifying pain we all went through today.

As it turns out, both of our families and are most dearest friends were here with us today. Tomorrow we are planning on celebrating Nina's birthday (which is on the 23rd) and everyone had planned to come up. Unfortunately, perhaps I should say fortunately, every one came when Nina fell off the cliff.

We spent the day, huddled in our condo, watching our honey-girl begin her downward spiral. By 2:30 pm, we had to start Nina on oxygen because her breathing was so labored! She was miserable beyond misery because she couldn't swallow or breathe properly!!! All of the challenges are neurological. There is nothing wrong with her lungs or respiratory's just that the tumor is compressing her brain stem in such a manner that the signals are all decimated, making her feel like she can't breathe.

We decided to increase her medication substantially and Dr. Greenfield made a house call around 8pm to deliver some morphine patches. I put one on Nina right away. The good news is that she is now comfortable. She can breathe and is not miserable!!!

She can breathe so I can breathe!


  1. Rosy, my thoughts are with you tonight, as so many other nights. There is nothing to be said, but I want you to know that so many are sending prayers and thoughts and love to Nina and your family. Nina is strength in every sense of the word. She is a warrior, and I am glad that she has all of her family with her- surrounding her with love and affection, hands to hold and kisses to give. Heartbroken, and sending love and prayers ceaselessly.
    All my love,

  2. So much love, so much support for you and your family. I can't convey how much of a hero every single member of your family is to me and my family. We pray for you and think of you every day. Every day.

  3. Oh Rosy, no one should ever have to suffer through this. My parents, Aunt Noelia, Tia Madalena's kids Joseph, Ana, Isabel all thought and prayed for your family today, we think of you often. Nina and Teddy truly are two of the world's luckiest kids to have you as their rock, their mama.
    We love the Fredeen family!

  4. I will continue to pray for such comfort for Nina. For all of the resources to be focused on making her feel calm, peace and comfort. For the love that all the family and friends surrounding her today to be poured onto her body and into her soul. I pray that she feels nothing but an abundance of love from everyone that came to be with her this weekend.

    In the midst of all of this...what I see by having so many by her side this weekend is nothing short of God's timing and ever way of being present when needed. He has surround everyone together this weekend perhaps for an even bigger purpose than that of celebrating Nina's birthday...truly celebrating her life. By allowing each one of you to be there for Nina as well as be there for each other as well. Having so many with her this weekend is truly a priceless gift.

    With a heavy heart...Today I will take my each breath with asking God to grant your family the ability to breathe today with ease and comfort.

    Feel the love and prayers that surround you by so many...