Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 154

Tuesday January 18, 2011

Nina is like a ray of sunshine. Once you meet her, it is hard not to fall in love and want to spend time with her. She is warm, full of sass and sweetness, with the most contagious sense of humor. It is hard to be around Nina and not smile, even when she is beastly! Her heart is generous and she is eager to be happy, even in the middle of turmoil. Nina's presence, like sunshine, brightens everything!

Nina is blessed in many ways. She is blessed to be the kind of person that loves easily and is easily loved. She is blessed in having a giving heart and a thankful spirit. She is blessed in that learning comes easy and helpfulness brings her spirit joy. Most of all, Nina is blessed with undaunting courage and optimism!

In her almost 6 years of life, Nina has touched countless people's lives. In return, the people that she has touched are pouring into her life, when she needs them most. Today, Nina was greatly blessed by friends who love her dearly. These blessings couldn't have been better timed! Nina is really struggling!!! Her symptoms are strong. She can barely walk and is NOT easily motivated to do so! Her drooling has intensified and she is self-conscious about it. Her breathing is labored and sometimes her voice won't work, which really upsets her!! She had spent the morning in an extremely lethargic state, not wanting to do anything. Not even the prospect of going to Panda was motivating :(

Then blessings came pouring in!

First, she received a note from Ryder. It was a picture of Sponge Bob that he had colored meticulously. On the back, he had written a message to Nina. When I read her the message, she radiated!! Ryder is an extraordinary little boy with an astounding heart! No wonder Nina adores him! His message said the following:

I think you are as pretty today as you were last summer.

Second, after we had lunch and read Ryder's message, my friend Mario asked if he could come by and visit Nina. He explained that he needed her help with something. Nina agreed and was eager to find out what was going on. As it turns out, Mario was getting a puppy. Nina jumped for joy! She had been asking for a puppy forever and now our friend was going to get one. She immediately asked if she could babysit the puppy! Mario laughed and told Nina that she was the best planner he knew! Then he surprised Nina even further by letting her choose which of three Havanese puppies he should get. Nina couldn't believe her luck and chose a white and beige darling female. She asked Mario if she could see the puppy after the morning (her way of saying tomorrow) and Mario explained that the puppy would arrive on Friday but that he would bring her by so they could meet. Nina couldn't have possibly smiled any bigger!

Third, our neighbor Adam came by with his daughter Ella. Nina and Teddy adore Ella! In fact, before Ella could speak, Teddy said that he was the only one who could understand Ella's babbling :) Nina loves holding Ella and hearing her speak; Ella has the sweetest little voice and it automatically makes Nina smile. Over the past several months, Ella has developed a fondness for visiting Nina and the two girls will sit on the living room mattress and watch silly cartoons, like the Pink Panther. At some point, there is always a request for chips and a drink :) The two sweeties are the epitome of cuteness!!

I am so thankful for these blessings. Nina is a precious gift to all who know her and to the thousands who don't but are praying for her!  Moreover, she is still a little girl who is living through hell with more courage, dignity and grace than most adults. I thank God for those who bless her and pray that their lives are filled with love, health and happiness.

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  1. Oh that precious little Ryder. Bless his sweet heart!