Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 153

Monday January 17, 2011

Today was a holiday...MLK Birthday. Nina woke up and asked if we could go to Chuck-E-Cheese. The girl is always planning :) I asked Teddy what he thought and he enthusiastically agreed so off we went to Chuckee's.

The kids had a blast playing the games and eating pizza. Nina was so motivated that she walked around the entire time. She even let Todd and I take turns walking with her instead of being glued to only one of us. My favorite moment was when I sat next to her while she ate some pizza (I was waiting for Todd and Teddy before starting myself) and she said, "Go away, you're making my food smell!" I practically spit out my root beer I laughed so hard! What a stinker!!! Comments like these are so priceless that I have to share them with my most beloved friends and family....however...sometimes my beloved friends and family decide to mock (e.g., "Ha ha....she knows your're stinky!") and ridicule ("I can't blame the girl...I can smell you from here!") me instead of simply enjoying Nina's wicked sense of humor :)

After Chucks, we returned home to a quiet afternoon and evening. Teddy played tree house with Cami and Katie, while Nina I played with the twin babies from next door, Etienne and Charlotte. Gina, their mom, is precious and she and her husband have been an immense source of support! While we were playing with the babies, my friend Morgan came for a visit. I forget that there are so many people that I haven't seen since August 18th. It is a surreal experience because while my world has come to a standstill, theirs continues. The beauty of it all is that Nina is touching every one's heart!

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