Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Christmas Miracle!

I just returned from midnight mass with my parents. It was wonderful to be celebrating the birth of our Savior at the church of my childhood. It makes perfect sense that tonight, I return to where I grew up learning to love God and prayed for my own child's healing!

For over an hour and a half I prayed for God to heal Nina, to give us the ultimate miracle we are all praying for. I sang my heart out! Those of you who know me, know that I can't carry a tune but it did not matter tonight! Tonight, in a sanctuary filled to the brim with over 700 people, I belted out each and every song, whether they were in Portuguese or English. I sang with the purest of hearts for my Nina, as if I were the only person in that sanctuary, as if I were performing a private concert for the Lord of Lords, Maker of Heaven and Earth!! I sang with happiness, and most of all, I sang with thankfulness because Nina IS our Christmas Miracle!!!

Who could have ever imagined that she would be this strong (steroid free for almost a week now!) and able to come to our hometown to celebrate Christmas with our families. On August 19th this seemed impossible. But nothing is impossible for God! I am thankful, so very, very thankful for the miracle that Nina is and I WILL continue to pray for the ultimate miracle of healing!!

Thank you all for praying for our honey-girl. God hears each and every one of those prayers! Merry Christmas to all and we pray for blessings in each and every one's lives!!!


  1. What a beautiful dress your beautiful princess is wearing! Fabulous picture of the kids... they are so adorable! Sending you Christmas love, hugs and blessings...may you enjoy every single moment of the day!

    Prayers always!

  2. Praise the Lord--she's a miracle already!

  3. Beautiful Nina and precious Teddy! Merry Christmas! She is a miracle indeed!

  4. Miracle Christmas to you! Nina looks so beautiful in her princess dress, she is radiantly lit from within and from without by all the love that surrounds her.

    None of us know where we will be a year from now (I too have cancer) - what we do know is that we are here right now and right now is all there is, right now is eternal. It is a gift to be so fully present with our loved ones, deeply loving and appreciating them. Uncertainty of the future gives us this great PRESENT.