Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only Nina

It is freezing today in Santa Barbara. It is 57 degrees!! I know, how can we handle it?? I'm not sure, it's almost unbearable but we are surviving. Whenever I complain to Eileen about how cold it is here (as she is shoveling snow out of her Massachusetts driveway!) she threatens to hang up :) My favorite thing to do in the winter is to call Eileen from the beach when Boston is being slammed by a snow storm :) For some reason she seldom finds the humor in this (okay....she does....just tries hard to not demonstrate it because she knows I'd only be reinforced!).

Anyway, for us spoiled Santa Barbarans, today was cold. So....guess what Nina asked to do before we picked up Teddy? She turned to me as I was buckling her in and said, "Mama, can we take Teddy to get a Slurpee?" I laughed! Only Nina would want to go buy Slurpees at 7-Eleven on the coldest day so far this winter. I laughed and said sure.

We picked up Teddy who had another surprise for Nina. "Nina, I bought you this club penguin picture Jake made for 22 dollars. Aren't you thankful?" Nina smiled and said "I like it!"For the past week, he has brought a gift every day from school. It is beyond precious!!!

So...we went to 7-Eleven and bought Slurpees. Nina got cherry and Teddy got cola. As we got back into the car, Slurpees in hand, Teddy smiled and said, "Only Nina would want to get freezing drinks on such a cold day!" All three of laughed. Even Nina thought it was fun!!

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