Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 103

Sunday November 28, 2010

I officially dislike goodbyes!!!

My folks, Bruno and Michelle all took us to the airport. Nina cried when we got into the plane. She didn't want to say goodbye. Inside my heart, I was also crying!!! Inside I was breaking with grief over the pain I saw in my family's eyes. I could see their souls sobbing and it killed me!!!

Once inside the plane (Thank you Don and Jamie!) Nina calmed down within seconds and waved goodbye. She let me put the headphones on and asked me if we were going to go through the clouds again. I replied yes and she propped herself up in the seat, as if trying to ensure the most optimal view of the sky :) This trip was marked by turbulence. On multiple occasions she looked at me, just to check in and assess how I was responding. I just smiled and pointed out something interesting. Children gage their emotions on ours. If we are calm, they are more likely to be calm. If we panic, they are more likely to do the same. At one point, I texted my friends that I felt like we were on the Indian Jones ride at Disneyland and that the engine sounded like an lawnmower, just to freak people out :) Mission accomplished!!! I got a dozen texts telling me they were praying for our safety, which I appreciated, but we were never in danger! Don, our pilot, was astounding and the nicest man ever!

Flying over the Central Valley

I love this photo!!! It makes me want to smooch her over and over again!!!

Nina especially loved it when we were flying over the ocean. I enjoyed watching her intense facial expressions, a mix between intense observation and childish curiosity! Pure sweetness any way you dice it :) On our descent into SB Airport, we almost hit a bird. Correction...a bird almost hit us. The pilot turned to me and said, "That was a close one!" I could tell his heart was racing. Mine wasn't!! Of course a bird would hit our plane. If something can go wrong, it will with me!

We landed safely and were greeted by two very happy boys. We hugged Don and Jamie goodbye and thanked them for their abounding generosity! Nina was delighted to see her Dada and Teddy. We returned home and the first thing she did was resume her rightful spot on the mattress....the Queen was back and was claiming what was hers :)

The rest of the afternoon was filled with "normal" errands to the store for milk, loads of laundry, and last minute completion of homework assignments. I was so grateful for the treasure we had been given as a family. We had Thanksgiving all together!! Back in August this seemed impossible to me! But God had blessed us and I couldn't thank Him enough for all the little miracles in our life! Unfortunately, when being thankful for all the small miracles, it is impossible to not have my mind wander to the biggest miracle of all, and how we so deeply desire it! We will all continue to pray and we will all continue to be thankful!

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