Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 96

Sunday November 21, 2010

Today we continued to make apples crisps. Correction...I continued to make apple crisps. The kids played with Cami and Katie and relaxed. I spent all day baking. The house smelt incredible! It was nice to have a lazy day, just hanging out, baking, being.

Around 5:00pm, Nina and I went to Vons to buy "new food" as she likes to call it. Every time she says this it cracks me up! New Food....only Nina could come up with this :)

Once we returned from the store with "new food" I fixed dinner quickly and then went and dropped off a few more crisps. By the time I returned, Susan was waiting for me. We dropped off the last crisp at the Brennans and then went to Plazzios for dinner. Over puttanesca and peach martinis, we cried and cried. We lamented how if we lose Nina every thing will be different with our kids; dynamics will be changed forever. We cried and cried. I think I have cried ever where in Santa Barbara. Why not?!?!

Bedtime was full of excitement and lots of stalling because everyone was so eager about going to Turlock tomorrow. Nina couldn't wait to see Adeale and have a sleep over. Teddy wanted to know if he could bring his Nerf guns so he and Silas could have battles. I just wanted to pack :) Originally when we returned from Cedars, we thought it would be impossible to go home for the holidays. We had assumed that our families would have to come down to us but God has given us a tremendous gift! Nina has been asking to go to Turlock for weeks now. We haven't been there since July so she misses her cousin's home and hanging out with grandparents. Going to Turlock for Thanksgiving seems like a miracle. Going to Turlock for Thanksgiving IS a miracle!!

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  1. Rosy - I just became aware of your blog today through reading Daisy's blog. I have sat at work all day reading each and every post since August. I have no words. I go back and forth from laughing to crying. Crying because of the obvious. No child should have to go through this. No parent should have to go through this. But then laughing because your kids are awesome. I can't help but smile at Nina's comments and Teddy is so wise to be only 8. I feel like I have just met your entire family and know that I will be praying for you all. I question why anyone is given this journey in life. But just as you have so many people physically surrounding you, know that you have a world of people out there lifting up your family in prayer.