Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 73

Friday October 29, 2010

Today was frenetic with tasks all in preparation for Halloween. First, I took Teddy to school for the Halloween parade. I dressed up as Jane Austen. When he saw me in costume he tried not to smile but it was obvious he was super happy that I was doing what I normally do...be a goofy mom that never misses a thing in his life. We went to school, where I took photos of all of his classmates as they participated in the school parade. No one knew who I was...just assumed I was a princess. I'm a dork...through and through :) My friends Holly and Annie were the only ones to really get my costume and not look at me slightly blankly. Annie asked me which Austen novel was my favorite. I explained that up until recently Pride and Prejudice had been. I love Lizzie's tenacity and will in that novel. However, I can now say that Persuasion is my very favorite. It is all about second chances. I love the fire that slowly builds in Anne as she decides to no longer let fear rule her life. Instead, she claims her independence, life and love, all in the midst of scariness. That is what makes a true heroine and Austen nailed it centuries ago!

Jango Fett
After the parade, I returned home to find Nina once again beating Larisa at Wii Play. She loves the matching game and has killer reflexes. More importantly, she is ruthless :) Larisa just laughed at each time Nina smugly did her little jig after winning another round. I am so blessed to have so many good friends! Where would I be without their constant love and support?? I don't even dare begin to imagine!

I quickly changed my costume and was off to run a few last minute Halloween errands. I had collected every one's costume except for Uncle Joe (Todd's brother). He was the second man-fairy so it was essential that his garb be just perfect....perfectly hilarious that is! I have had so much fun planning this Halloween extravaganza....especially the costumes for Todd and Joe. Nina and I have literally spent hours laughing about this upcoming Trick-o-Treat :) This morning, Nina asked me when Dada was going to be wearing his green tights. I told her soon....so soon :) Nina and the rest of the world were practically coming unglued in anticipation over the debut of the green tights and I knew that no one would be disappointed :)

I went to several stores and then I hit the gold mine! I found the absolute perfect costume for Joe. I called  him to inquire whether or not he'd be willing to wear a green suede man-dress :) My selling point was that it was at least nice to touch :) With a hint of hesitation in his voice, he agreed! What a sport! I picked up Teddy from school and we returned home. Every one was eager for Joe and the kids to arrive!!

Right after dinner, I started Nina's bath. As she climbed into the tub she asked, "When is Adelae going to get here?" I couldn't have planned it better. As soon as she uttered those words, Joe and the kids arrived and pandemonium ensued!! Teddy and Nina were elated. Nothing brings health and happiness to Nina like her cousin Adelae. The joy Addie brings to Nina's life is extraordinary. Teddy and Addie are the two beings on this earth that can make Nina laugh so brilliantly that the sun actually becomes jealous! The boys ran upstairs and immediately jumped onto the Xbox. Addie of course took over my bathing duties. She and Nina talked and talked about Halloween and how they couldn't wait to dress up like Tinkerbell and Silvermist. Nina told Addie how I'd found a fairy costume for her dad. She had an impish smile on her face as she described the "dress" and Adelae giggled, trying to imagine how in the world her dad and Uncle Todd would actually pull this caper off!

After the bath, the girls retreated to Nina's room. Todd and Joe were in the living room enjoying a beer. I decided it was time for Joe to try out his attire. I summoned their attention and cleared my throat as I withdrew Joe's fairy garment out of the closet. Hilarity roared through the house. Joe practically spit out his beer as he squealed, "That's really tight!" I could barely contain myself I was laughing so hard! Bottom line, Todd and Joe have pretty much tortured me for years so this was pay back and I was savoring every second. I demanded that Joe pull it together and try on the costume. Problem was.....the costume was really tight!!! He was barely able to put it on :) and once he did, all he heard was Todd and I gasping for air as we literally lay on the ground convulsing at the ridiculous image in front of us. It was wrong!!! My brother in law in a sage-green, suede man-dress was just wrong.....so wrong....but yet....so freaking AWESOME!!! I laughed so hard that my face actually began to hurt.

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to laugh any harder, Joe started trying to take the costume off. The problem was that it was so tight that it got struck around his torso and head. He started yelping for help and Todd refused to come to his aide, preferring to sit on the couch laughing like a hyena, all the while intermittently sipping his Sierra Nevada. Joe's yelps become more dramatic so I jumped in. Holy Smoke!!! The costume was super tight! I tried to lift it off of him but I couldn't. I pulled and yanked and he squirmed all to no avail. Of course, it did not help that all three of us were laughing so hard that we couldn't have possibly tied our own shoes. At one point, the insanity became so heightened that Adelae came into the living room to inspect what was gone. The look on her face was priceless! She just shook her head in bafflement, returned to Nina's room and shut the door behind her! That girl is brilliant! She knew had had walked into the loony bin and decided to walk away immediately! By this point, Joe was getting frantic and Todd was beat red from laughing so hard. I cleverly decided to stand on one of our chairs and pull the garment straight up. This did the trick and Joe was successfully released! He was red himself, partially from laughing so hard and partially from sweating from being stuck inside a cocoon for almost 5 minutes.

We laughed and laughed, reliving the image of Joe trapped in a suede straight jacket :) I thanked the guys for being such good sports and told them they would never again have to get me a birthday present!
After our adult fiasco, the kids had snacks and milk shakes and then it was off to bed time. Saturday was going to be an extremely important day! TIGHTS for all to ENJOY :)

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