Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 98

Tuesday November 23, 2010

Joy! That was what today was....JOY!

We started off with the joy of seeing Papa and Nana. The kids were so happy to see their Papa and then to go wake up Nana by jumping on her bed! Mel was filled with joy to be able to run around the backyard!!! During the following 3.5 hours Nina asked, "Can we go pick up Adelae yet?" at least 5,000,000 times. Then there was the joy of actually getting to pick up Adelae, Silas, and Teague from school. We all went back to Papa and Nana's to play and then have dinner.

However, the greatest joy of the day came at 8pm when we joined Uncle Bruno, Auntie Michelle, Vovo, and Vava at the Womb With A View in Modesto. As we all sat in the waiting room, we cast our vote. All of the girls voted that the baby was going to be a girl and....surprise, surprise....all the boys voted that the baby was going to be a boy!

Bruno and Michelle were amazing in letting us be a part of this joy!!! When we entered the sonogram room, Nina was so excited. She wanted to know how we were going to see the baby. Teddy was freaking out (just for pretend...:)....comedy is his new shtick!)

"I can't believe this" Teddy exclaimed after seeing the baby's heart.

Amazement at the tiny hands and heartbeat!
Bruno and Michelle gave our kids an unbelievable gift!! Teddy and Nina got to see and experience the miracle of life! How many kids their ages get this amazing opportunity??? They were in awe with each zoom of the sonogram! We saw the baby's heart (all the chambers), spin, legs, feet, hands, stomach, everything. They especially got a kick out of seeing the baby wiggle around (this baby was very active....uh oh :).....payback is coming to Uncle Bruno....poor Auntie Michelle!) and seeing the baby "scratch" it's nose. Precious!!! During the entire time all Nina could say was "Awww" in that sweet, husky pumpkin voice!! Each time she did, I could see Bruno and Michelle quietly smile. I know what they are thinking and why they did what they did! We are all hoping Nina will be healed so she can meet, hold, love her baby cousin. But....if we don't have that miracle, then they wanted her to meet the baby the only way possible right now!!! What a magnificent gift to us all!!! At 8:05 pm Nina meet her baby cousin and she fell in love!!!

Then, the moment we had all been waiting for came....the technician asked if we were ready because she had an announcement to make. In unison we said yes (first I yelled that she needed to wait so I could get the cameras all ready....the chick actually made fun of me..."I assume she is the family photographer." in a mocking tone she retorted....my brother laughed and the punk added in an even more sarcastic tone, "Indeed she is!" Blah blah blah is what I have to say!). Then she said.....(drum roll please....) "It's a boy!" Without skipping  a heartbeat, Teddy yelled, "We won!!" We all cheered at the news and laughed at Teddy's hilariousness!! Only my kid could possibly turn this into a competition :) Bruno said, "Gotta love that boy!" We sure do!!

It's a boy! 

Cheering for baby boy and laughing at crazy brother!

Joy is the only word I can find to describe how magical this evening was. My brother and Michelle are giving our family such a blessing with this baby!! Precious, miraculous, amazing, God-sent baby boy!!! How we are all in love with you!!! How we pray for your healthy development!!! How we can't wait to hold you and kiss you and change your stinky diapers :) How we pray most of all that you will get to know your cousin Nina!!!

Happy Uncle!

Proud Parents!

Thankful Family!!

We couldn't and can't thank Bruno and Michelle enough!! We hugged and thanked them and then we drove back home. As anyone can imagine, the drive home was filled with lots of questions about how the baby grows  in Auntie Michelle's belly, how food gets to the baby, how the baby goes potty in her belly, and of course.....how does the baby get out!! We've had the "get out' conversation before lots of times but they are so puzzled by it!! Teddy proclaimed, "That's just wrong!" as I delicately explained the process of contractions. I have to say....I completely agree with the little man!!! The whole thing is mind-blowing!!!

As the kids and I talked, I saw Todd quietly crying. I rubbed his back just for a split second to let him know I was thinking the same thing. The entire time I had been thinking about Nina's sonogram, when we found out we were having a girl. I had really wanted another boy. All I had wanted was to have two sons. I had a brother, worked with boys, plus I had been a bitchy adolescent girl....so the prospect of having a daughter scared me! When we found out....I was in shock....all Todd said was, "Great...better start saving for a wedding now." That afternoon seems like an entire lifetime ago!!!

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