Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 75

Sunday October 31, 2010

Halloween was a blast! It had already been a riot but today was super fun too! We went to the pier and went on a pirate boat ride. The kids really enjoyed seeing the sea lions and steering the boat :) Nina loved eating the popcorn most of all! Teddy and Nina have become real big fans of the candy shop on the pier. It's the kind of store that sells all the candy in bulk so you can pick and choose what you want. The only trick is to make sure they don't overfill the plastic bags with too many treats :) otherwise you pay through the nose!

I am pretty sure this is the only photo of my brother-in-law and me from the last 15 years!
Not sure why he has that goofy grin?

Ahoy...we spy land!

Breathtaking Beauty!

After the treacherous boat ride (and subsequent pirate attack on Jane Austen!) we went to Moby Dick for lunch where Nina discovered the joys of a classic grilled cheese, all thanks to Silas. While we were having lunch, my friend Mario called and asked if he could bring the kids ice cream as a Halloween treat. What a sweet friend! My task was to find out who wanted what. Unfortunately, with 5 kids nothing is ever easy. Nina wanted a scoop of vanilla, rocky road, and cotton candy. Teague only wanted cotton candy. Silas wanted rocky road and cotton candy. And finally, both Teddy and Adelae only wanted rocky road. I must have sent Mario 5000 texts with one change after another :) Spoiled rotten!

No worries...this damsel can fend for herself!!

We finished our lunch and had about an hour to kill before trick-or-treating at La Cumbre Plaza was suppose to start. Within 10 minutes of our arrival, Mario showed up.....with 6 gallons of ice cream!!! Apparently, the ice cream counter didn't have the flavors the kids wanted so he couldn't get them scoops.  I suppose the only other rational option was to buy them EACH a gallon! I just burst into laughter (not sure he really appreciated it!). What was more, he had the audacity to be disappointed that I didn't just simply give them each an entire gallon with a spoon. HA!!! This is the kind of nonsense you get from someone who does not have kids! He sounded just like my brother Bruno. Load them up on sugar, rile them up, then leave....dumping the hard work on me! Luckily, Mario has a great sense of humor and took my banter all in good stride!

After our ice cream gluttony, the kids and I went to La Cumbre to trick-or-treat while the dads took naps. We had a blast going from store to store collecting candy. Joe's kids were really impressed by the fact that stores were giving away candy. I remember thinking the same thing a number of years back when I first discovered this tradition. Only in Santa Barbara!

We topped off our sugar filled day by trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. The kids had an absolute blast, pure and simple! Nina walked into the house and plopped herself on the mattress and exclaimed, "I have sooo much candy!" She was right! However, in the morning much of it would have magically disappeared :)

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