Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 86

Thursday November 11, 2010

Since today was Veteran's Day (thank you to all who have served!!!) Teddy and Todd had the day off of school. I took advantage and quickly went to LA for the morning to do some errands and get some much needed work done. There were so many things I needed to do but that I never got around to. The hours in each day just seem to slip by so quickly, way faster than when you have an infant (but similar). It was a welcome reprieve for my brain to have an opportunity to think about things other than chemo, necrotic centers, symptoms, etc., even if it was just for a couple of hours.

While I ran my errands, Eileen also got a break from being my helping hand :) The Becchios had come by to pick up Teddy for apple picking. Nina overheard Teddy's enthusiasm and proclaimed that she wanted to go too! I love the fact that Todd can't say no to her!! So off they all went with the Becchios and had a great time. It is essential for Nina to be out and about. Each day this week, Eileen and I have made it a point to do something outdoors with her. We understand that a side effect of the chemo is fatigue, but the steroids are also taking a toll on her body and it is critical that she move around even for a tiny bit. It's much easier to get her going if she is motivated. Picking apples with Braden, David, and Teddy was definitely motivating! She and Teddy were ecstatic about using their apples for Thanksgiving pies :) How sweet!!!

Apple picking with the Becchios
The Becchios have been our closest friends here in SB for years. Their kids and ours have grown up together. I was also happy that all of the kids got to spend time together. Nina's illness has impacted everyone we love. Braden and David, like Teddy and the cousins, recognize that Nina is different. They miss the "old" Nina who ran with them, climbed trees with them, played war with them, etc. They all know that she is sick but do not know yet what that actually means. I just can't put that type of burden on them yet, especially around the holidays and especially since we still don't know either way if we are getting our miracle of healing. Most importantly, we can't risk Nina hearing anything that will cause her more fear! Above all, I do not want our precious honey-girl scared!!!

After apple picking and my LA errands, we all made our way back home and to Eileen :) The kids and I took Eileen to the pier. We went to Mother Stearn's Candy Shop and picked some treats. Eileen and Nina got popcorn...salty and buttery...yummy!! Teddy got mini-jaw breakers. We cruised down the pier and made our way to the skate park. It was fun watching the kids' faces as little boys and not-so-little boys flew around on their bikes and skateboards, performing tricks for the passer-byes. Eileen soaked up the sun!!! It was cold in Boston and getting colder. I wished I could bottle up some of the warmth and send it back home with her. I was sure that she was bottling up plenty of warmth herself with the memories she was building with both kids! It made me happy to think about that!! Eileen and I watched Nina and spoke in code, like we normally did. Nina watched the skater boys. Teddy rolled around on the grass. We each played our part well! I just hoped we could continue to play these parts for decades to come!!!!

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