Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 100

Thursday November 25, 2010

It is fitting that the 100th day of this journey would fall on Thanksgiving Day! It has been 100 hellish, insane, nightmarish, glorious, wonderful, cherished, blessed days filled with every imaginable emotion known to man: sadness, fear, love, pain, grief, gratitude, relief, despair, hope, abandonment, encouragement, betrayal, happiness, heartbreak, awe, anger, compassion, anxiety, playfulness, panic, laughter, and delight. The list could go on and on but the bottom line, what we have learned the most, what emotion we have experienced the most is most definitely....THANKFULNESS!!

Thanksgiving Day has never had more significance and magnitude as it has this year!!! We are thankful for family, friends, strangers, love, compassion, support, faith, courage, laughter, strength and most of all TIME!! The tears are running down my cheeks as I write this!! I have never been and probably will never be more thankful for the precious gift of time.

We thank God above for all of our blessings!!!

We are thankful!!

We are thankful!!

We are thankful!!

We are forever and ever thankful!!

The feast!

Everyone together!


Queen of the Stink Eye!

Club Penguin time!


  1. I loved these last posts! I had to laugh that in one picture Teddy is being SO funny, then the very next one Todd is :)

  2. what a wonderful, loving and supportive family you have.... you are blessed beyond words.
    So thankful for Angel Flights and your opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving.

    Prayers always for all of you!