Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 111

Monday December 6, 2010

Nina has a knack for saying things that leave me speechless. This morning she dropped a doozy. As we drove to Vons to get "new" food, as she requested, she said to me, "Mama, I don't want to grow up....I don't want to get big, I want to stay a kid forever!" Her words pierced my heart and I said nothing for a bit, not knowing on to respond. She has said this to me before and it always gets me! My silence pissed her off and she yelped, "Mama!" I responded and told her I had heard her and I understood. I then added, "I understand what you mean sweetie. You can always be a kid in your heart." She did not like this response and yelled at me, "NO!!! I want to be a kid forever!" I appreciate that Nina believes that I have a say in these matters. I wish I really I was Supermama that could control when it rained and how quickly she aged, but alas I can't :( However, I decided to not argue and said, "Okay honey, you can be a kid forever!" The damn lump nested itself in my throat for the rest of the morning!

Given how mad our world is, I appreciate the mundane now more than ever. It makes me happy. The rest of our day until dinner was filled with mundane little things. We had a wonderful dinner!!! The Brennans came over!!! Yahoo!!!! It only took two months to finally make it happen :) but we finally had our precious friends over. It was incredible to spend time and catch up with the family that has been such a support to us. Their boys are darling, and Josh (7) and Teddy were delighted to see each other. It was such a peaceful evening. Yael brought Magic Bars, these incredible yummy treats covered in coconut and chocolate. I asked Dan what they were called and he said he didn't know, just was happy to find them at home and gobble them up :) Men...even brilliant medical doctors...are still men :)

Nina had a blast with Mattie, their youngest who is about 6 months old. He is a ball of chubbiness and Nina adored every morsel! We adored every minute spent with our friends and will make sure it won't take another two months for our families to get together for dinner again!

After the Brennans left, Erik was ready to start tutoring with Teddy. Unfortunately Teddy was not! He gestured over for me to follow him into the bathroom and said, "Mom....I thought we had an more tutoring! I did a great job last week!" I laughed! Agreement???? Where does he get this stuff??? I told him that there was no such thing; that the agreement was once he was all caught up and his teacher said he didn't need extra practice, that we would start fading the tutors. He was livid so I told him once he was ready he could join Erik upstairs but that the longer he took, the longer it would take him to be done for the night. Poor Erik!! He is such a sweet and patient man. I had Erik serve himself some dinner and eat a few Magic Bars to help fend of the impending headache. Erik just smiled his cool and collected smile, the one he gives all the families of the children with disabilities he works with, and the one he was now giving to me!!! I thanked him and apologized!! What more can I do! It took Teddy 20 minutes to chill and finally join Erik upstairs for tutoring. Once he did, it went fine!

I then went and ran some more mundane errands. I love the mundane! I did get myself a cappuccino to help give the mundane a little "jazz"!  It was just the right amount of jazz, warm and frothy! Maybe I should open the Night Owl Coffee Shop....a 24 hour coffee and tea bar!! Oohhh....sounds like a hit in the making!!!

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