Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 107

Thursday December 2, 2010

Today Yvonne came up to help us decorate and prepare for Christmas. What a tremendous friend!! She didn't wait for me to ask for help, she knew I'd need it, otherwise time would fly by and I'd still have pumpkins from Halloween up :) I have always admired Yvonne's ability to initiate and this has proven to be a huge blessing in my current life. Sometime I don't even realize what I need help with until I am offered the assistance! How true is that sentiment in life overall?!?!

Nina was elated! She was so excited about decorating that she didn't even complain about taking the Timador! On several occasions she "checked-in" to make sure I had retrieved all of the containers with holiday decorations. She even reminded me that I had some under my bed, no joke!! It is astounding what the girl remembers and absorbs!!!

What is more astounding is that Nina didn't want to start decorating until Teddy came home from school. I love that! She knew that decorating for Christmas is a special thing we do and didn't want her brother to miss out! She adores him, just doesn't always shows it in the best way! But then again, isn't that always the case between siblings? I know I didn't always treat my brother well (okay...I inflicted years of sorry Bruno :(....but we are precious friends now!!). I just worry extra about Teddy and Nina's relationship now given the current circumstances. I desperately want them to get along so that they will each have secure memories of the love they shared. I guess this should have always been a top priority in my parenting, but then again don't we always think we have "time" to work on stuff?!?!  How foolishly we mislead our selves!!!

After picking up Teddy from school, we spent the rest of the afternoon decorating. Katie and Cami came over and helped. We had Christmas music in the background and joy permeating every move!!! It was a perfect afternoon made even more perfect by the company of precious friends!

Preparing the Advent Calendar

Chef Teddy thought the girls could use a snack!

Nina's Decor!!! Beautiful!

Although Teddy was scheduled to have Erik come out for tutoring, the session got canceled because Erik hadn't fully recovered from his cold. I greatly appreciated Erik's diligence about being careful around Nina! We just can't afford to have her get sick!! While Yvonne played Sorry with Nina, Teddy and I finished homework in a decent amount of time. I was pleased. He was pleased. We decided to leave it at that :)

We finished our day, with Yvonne and I grabbing a coffee at the La Cumbre mall, while Todd hung out with the kids. During this window shopping saunter, Yvonne primed me for my interview the following day. I had the big interview of the Credential Program Coordinator position and it was essential that I prepare the best possible way. For weeks, I had been refreshing my memory and familiarity with broader disability research (not just Autism) and educational policies for the State of California. Yvonne, in her perfectly astute manner, gave me very helpful feedback, like not saying You know.... every other sentence. Ugh...we all have these weird tid-bits in our everyday language that make us sound like morons when are utterances are analyzed! Thank goodness I have smart friends who cut to the chase!!!!

Before Yvonne left, she and I talked a ton about how we would prepare all of our boys for the "worst". It was a painful discussion but one that needed to happen. Most of all, it seemed to provide Yvonne with relief to know that I have a plan. The reality is I have a plan for everything....everything except knowing where I park my car in the mall parking lot!!!

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