Thursday, December 16, 2010

Loin Lunatic!

So this is the text my brother Bruno sent me this morning:

Apparently, he was a bit miffed at my jab in the posting tittled "It Takes A Village to Carry a Family Through Heartbreak". In this entry, I mentioned how I was happy that everyone wears clothing in my village because the thought of my friends and family members (especially my brother) in loin cloths was too traumatizing. I suppose that my brother was deeply wounded and therefore sent me what he did!!

When I got his text, I must have laughed for a solid 5 minutes (okay...more like 1 minute but it felt like a super long time!). Nina asked what I was laughing at and I showed her the photo of the man in the loin cloth. The look of utter disgust on her precious face was priceless, "Is that Uncle Bruno?" Now that made me laugh like a lunatic!!!! I quickly pulled out my phone and here is the video we made for Uncle Bruno:

Is this Uncle Bruno???

Bottom line, my brother has a fabulous sense of humor! He can be an evil little genius at times and I adore him for it!!! ( dearest sister-in-law....I know you are the consummate professional and I apologize for blasting your husband's lunacy to the entire universe!! I am so very just means I won't buy your babies as many obnoxious loud toys like I promised Bruno years ago I would as payback for each time he bought our kids the loudest Christmas or birthday gifts known to mankind! Love you dear!!)

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