Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 81

Saturday November 6, 2010

Saturday started really early for us!!! At 4am I woke up....spooning Mendy! By the time we had gotten home, it was super late so the three of us crashed in the same room by ourselves. Yvonne took the bed while Mendy and I crawled onto the air mattress. Not sure how the spooning happened, but it did! All I know is that I woke up and found myself practically molesting my dear friend. I started laughing hysterically, which led to Mendy laughing hysterically, which led to Yvonne laughing hysterically! Insanity!!! Laughter is such great medicine! I apologized to Mendy but she insisted no apologizes were necessary, "What ever it takes girl!" We continued to laugh before proclaiming that the madness had ended :)

The great thing about Santa Barbara in the winter is that it really isn't winter. When it's freezing in practically every other spot in the country, SB is gorgeous and warm enough to even wear short sleeves. This weekend was perfect so the kids had a wonderful time playing outside. After breakfast, we went to a couple of playgrounds. For years, we've had our routine with Dawsons when they come to visit. We usually always go play at Kid's World Playground at least once. The kids love this park. Before the diagnosis it was just simple fun, a place where the kids could run and scream without bothering anyone. Now, it's all different. Sure they run and play but Nina can't keep up. Sure the boys check in with her but she knows it's different and they know it's different. It's no longer just a place to run and scream without bothering anyone. It's a place to form a few more precious memories. The kids run around. We adults just watch, holding our breath, praying it's not the last time!

After the park, we went home and had lunch. I vividly watched the kids as they ate their french fries. They had eaten french fries so many other times but now it was all different. It's just beyond comprehension that something as mundane as eating a happy meal from McDonalds can be worth savoring, yet it is. Everything is worth savoring but under normal circumstances we don't pay attention, we lack the awareness of precious each moment is, irrespective of how annoying or irritating the behavior of others is!

Teddy and Niels (the Dawson's oldest) are the dearest of friends. They have been best buddies since infancy and are basically brothers. They both have incredible imaginations so they spend their time together knee deep in space battles with battalions from other galaxies. Sander (the Dawson's youngest who is only 1 month older than Nina) and Nina were best buddies themselves prior to the diagnosis. I am not saying that they are not buddies but Nina has changed. She can't play the way she did and she can't keep up with Sander. Sander has the sweetest heart and tries to play with Nina, however, there is no way he can be sedentary at all times with her. Consequently, he is kind of lost in the shuffle. He is too young to keep up with the big boys and ends up in constant conflict with them because he feels left out. Then again, things with Nina were different for him. He didn't belong with the big boys but he also didn't quite belong with Nina anymore. I felt sad for him. Most of all, I felt sad for Nina. She knew that things were terribly different and it grieved her! It grieved us all!!!!!!!!!!!

Before taking Mendy to the airport for her departure, the grown ups went out to dinner at the new Olio & Limone pizzeria. Dinner was fabulous and the company even better. After dinner, Yvonne and I took Mendy to the airport. I hugged my dear friend tightly, so tightly. I didn't want to let her go. She was such a rock in my life. I thanked her and kissed her once more. Yvonne and I returned home to our kidlets while Robert and Todd painted the town red. Friends are gifts sent straight from heaven!!!

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