Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 89

Sunday November 14, 2010

I woke up to the distant sound of clanking! I knew exactly what was going on. It was barely 7am and my parents were already fast at work....putting together Teddy's bed. When my mom heard me rustling in the kitchen, she came down and gave me a wonderful hug. Mothers never stop mothering! No matter how old we get or how old our children get. She shooed me back to bed and told me she'd bring in breakfast. A few minutes later she quietly brought me a tray of buttered sweet-bread and a warm cup of coffee. She kissed the top of my head and looked over at Nina longingly. Nina was still sleeping, mouth slightly ajar, drooling just a tad (not tumor induced drooling.....genetically inherited feature from her mama :) yes....I drool too! I can just hear my brother laughing hysterically at the fact that I just admitted that to the entire galaxy that I drool! Hopefully people won't stop loving me :) HA!!)

As my mom walked back upstairs to help my dad, I silently laughed to myself. It is funny how we carry so many of the things our parents did for us and apply them in our own parenting, often times without even thinking about it! My mom spoiled my brother and me She did everything, very much the stereotypical hard-working immigrant mom who dotes on her kids. From elementary through high school she brought us breakfast in bed almost on a daily basis! I know...outrageous...but we loved it!!! Since I'm in a confession type of mood today, I'll admit that I do the same thing with my kids. Teddy gets breakfast in bed daily! Not only does he get breakfast in bed, but he gets choices....Honey, do you want peanut butter toast, cereal or a cinnamon roll? I wonder if he will do the same thing with his children :)

Todd and the kids slept in late this morning. By the time Teddy woke up at 10:30 my parents pretty much has the entire bed assembled. This bed is unreal! It is the most incredible loft bed in the world, with a bed on the top, a trundle on the bottom, a desk, drawers for clothing and toys, and best of all....a fort! I am convinced a man designed this to meet all the needs of his childhood fantasies! When Teddy saw his new bed, his mouth dropped for a second and then the biggest smiled emerged...covering his entire sweet, precious face!!! To say he was ecstatic does not do it justice!!! He was on cloud 9!!! I was so thankful for the gift of happiness the Serenas gave him and for my parent's love to come down and help me put his room together! does take a village to raise a child :) I love my village!!!!!!!! Just super happy we don't wear loin clothes....plenty of members in my village I'd prefer not to see in a loin cloth....sorry! Sometimes the truth stings just a bit (Uncle Bruno....I'm speaking about you man!)

Todd joined us for lunch at Hollister Brewing Co. We had a wonderful lunch with Vovo and Vava. Afterwards, the kids, Todd and my parents hung around the nearby farmer's market while I raced over to Ross to buy a curtain rod for Teddy's room. Nina then stated that she was tired and wanted to go home so Todd strolled her back to his car and they were off. That allowed my folks and me to take Teddy to Staples, where Teddy picked out a desk chair. Of course....he picked the only one they didn't have in stock at that store :) They did however have it at the downtown branch so I had them put it on hold for me. Teddy was very excited. He was finally going to have a desk chair with wheels!! I remember being a kid and wanting one of those myself :)

When we returned back to the house, my parents continued to work on Teddy's room. My dad is a task master and wanted to get as much done as possible. I cannot express how much appreciation I have for all of my parent's help. They have made the exhausting trip to SB so many times since the diagnosis just to help. I realize what a sacrifice it is for them and I forever grateful!

Teddy's killer crib! Looks like a college dorm room!

While my parents worked on a last few things, Teddy and I sat down to make a plan about how to decorate his room. He had quite a bit of artwork he had made himself so we discussed which walls he wanted to put them up on. A couple of years ago, Teddy created the most extraordinary world on a huge piece of cardboard. On this, he had forests and rivers, mountain ranges, cities, villages, etc. It was amazing. I loved it so much that I decided to buy him several canvases so he could draw and paint these worlds directly on something we could then mount right on the wall. He loved this idea and still spends hours drawing stick figures in these worlds.

The thing about Teddy is that he is one of those "cup half-empty" kind of personalities. He has since birth. Nina is a cup half-full personality. I firmly believe that her temperament has allowed her to be as resilient as she has been. Even when she is her most scared she still pushes through and quickly recovers to find something to smile about or laugh at (i.e., be positive!).

perseverate that thing he didn't like how it looked. He just wouldn't drop it. I explained that the tv he had been given could go there since the holes were specifically designed for its cords. He didn't like that plan. I suggested we buy a cork board to cover it up...he didn't like that idea either. After a few rounds, I explained that he needed to be thankful for the amazing gifts he had been given and drop the rest, especially since he didn't really seem to want to find a solution. Apparently, it was his turn to give me the stink eye. He didn't say a word. Just looked at the ground with the biggest scowl.

As my parents got ready to leave back for Turlock, Teddy collected himself. He gave them each a huge hug and then apologized to me, "You're right mom. Let's try to find a solution." We decided to go find cork board. As I got ready to drive to Staples to pick up his chair and cork board he said, "Nice thinking mom!" That boy!!

The chair with wheels was a huge success. The package of cork I bought was missing the adhesive....of course!! Consequently, we had to hold off on putting the cork on the back panel. Teddy did a nice job and didn't complain!! Thank goodness!!!!

Right before bed, Teddy, Nina and I were laying on the living room mattress. I noticed that she was picking at her fingernails and cuticles. Ever since she had started the steroids she had done this repetitive behavior. We never got mad at her, just redirected it. I took the following video because she has gotten into a habit of protesting right in my face. It is the funniest thing ever!! I can't help but laugh!!! It was the perfect ending to our day!


  1. Love, Love, Love the Big Boy Room! WoW~! Very cool! And the sign in the window is the best and speaks volumes! What a great space and all his own.

    Thanks for sharing the video post Rosy, the love and laughter you share with them is priceless.


  2. Teddy's room is WAY cooler than mine! He deserves it!! The video is very cute- you guys look beautiful!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. No kidding! Teddy's room looks more "adult" than my whole studio! And I totally noticed the sign in the window... I could use that in my place :-)