Monday, December 13, 2010

It Takes A Village To Carry a Family Through Heartbreak!

I vividly remember when Hillary Clinton published her book It Takes a Village where she basically discusses how groups outside the direct family impact children. In essence, she claimed that it took a village to raise a child, a village of extended family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc. I acutely recall all the controversy that immediately arose and being very puzzled by it. Sadly, folks on each side of the political aisle love to make-up controversy in order to fuel their own agendas. And this was a classic example of that strategy.

I have to say that back in 1996, I thought that Clinton had a point. Now as a mom myself, I agree more than ever. I have made mothering my priority in life. I have worked a crazy schedule so that I could parent them directly, cuddle in the morning (prior to them starting school) without being in a hurry, volunteer in their classrooms, be the one that hosted the play-dates, and just be with them both so I didn't miss out on their first steps, first words, first everything. Nevertheless, we have also been blessed with friends and family who have helped us love and care for our kiddos throughout the years. Each of these individuals have played a very special part in Teddy and Nina's growth and development and we are forever grateful!

During this nightmare of journey, I have also come to realize how it takes a village to carry a family through heartbreak.

From the moment we were first hospitalized, we have been surrounded by constant love and support! We are literally being covered in prayer by thousands of people across the globe. Our local community and friends have stepped in to support and prop us up in every single imaginable capacity! Since the diagnosis, friends and colleagues from UCSB, Kellogg School, Santa Barbara Junior High School, and the broader SB community have brought us dinner practically every day of the week. What a precious gift not having to worry about planning meals. Gifts from near and far have poured in as reminders that we are loved and cared for. Staff and families from Kellogg keep an extra special eye out for Teddy, ensuring that his tender heart is protected and nourished. Friends and neighbors stop by, call, text, email to make sure we have all that we need. They call to see if they can bring lunch or an ice cream treat. They drop off anonymous crafts to help keep our minds and hearts busy. They walk our dog, relandscape our gardens, clean our house, paint, do everything other than bathe us and I bet they'd do that to if we ask (okay...maybe that's going to far!! Haha!)

Our families, albeit far from us, are never more than a second away in loving us. They call, visit, pray, and love us constantly. How precious family is; this include the family you are born into but also the family you create through friendships! Our dearest friends take time out from their own lives to be by our side, going to appointments with me, calling to make sure we have everything we possibly could need, babysitting at the drop of a dime, listening to me sob irrespective of what time it is (even in the middle of the night!) just simply being available for whatever we need! What constant blessings!

I am humbled by the outpouring of love we have received and continue to receive on a daily basis. It is astounding and in of itself a miracle! There is no way we could go through this alone! My heart breaks for families who are isolated. I recognize how much love we are getting and how special it is!! People from near and far (even as far away as New Zealand...we got a package from a lovely New Zealand family last week with beautiful thoughtful presents!!! What a treasure!) are loving us and we are thankful!

So to our VILLAGE I offer the deepest and most sincere THANK YOU!!! You are carrying us through our heartbreak and we love you all (even those of you we have not and may never get to me!)!!!

Thank you!!!

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  1. You know what the amazing thing is Rosy.... is that I think every single one of us would do even more for your fabulous family if we could. You have all touched our lives...I know for me I am forever changed.