Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fall Foto-Shoot!

After our Thanksgiving feast, the kids and I resumed our own little personal tradition....the annual Fall Foto-Shoot!! Each year (since Teague and Nina were born), I have bought the kids coordinating outfits and we have taken a group family photo of just the kids. Every one makes fun of me for doing so, but they'd all admit now how precious these photos are.

So....the kids and I loaded up into Todd's car and drove over to Papa and Nana's to take the pictures. Nina was not pleased. She is so sensitive about her appearance! In front of Adelae and Sosie, she actually said, "I don't want to take more pictures....I am chubby, my smile is too big!" Sosie's mouth actually dropped and she and Adelae both assured her that the is beautiful and that the photo would not be complete without her. Those words stung my entire being, as if a hundred million wasps had descended upon me and were brutally attacking. I felt the tears welling so I bit my cheek. I could not cry!!!!! But they were so right....the photo would not be complete without Nina!!!! If she goes to Heaven, how can we ever take these again!!! If she goes to Heaven, how am I suppose to next year buy three outfits for the boys and only 2 for the girls!!!!! Please, Heavenly Father!!!!!!!!!

Eventually, Sosie and Adelae were able to convince Nina to participate and we got some darling, precious photos!!! I am so thankful for Sosie, Adelae, Silas, Teague, Teddy and Nina!!! They are an insane handful and at times leave us all wanting to pull our hair out and recommend sterilization to everyone contemplation parenthood. But as I look at these photos, my heart swells with love and pride!! Each of these precious beings own a part of my heart! I thank God for them, for every part of them, not just the sweet and compliant parts, but the sassy and obnoxious parts too!!! Because of these 6 little people (and in some cases not soo little anymore....Sosie is taller than me now :( and Addie is on her way!!) I am a better person, everyone in this family is a better person!! For that, I am thankful!!!


  1. Fantastic, Beautiful Photo's...Thanks for sharing! Nina is nothing short of stunning and adorable. I wish there was a way to convince her of that fact!

    Thinking of you all!
    Big Hugs...

  2. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL pictures Rosy! Nina looks great and so happy!! Sending love always