Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 144

Saturday January 8, 2011

On Saturdays downtown Santa Barbara hosts the best farmer's market. Eileen suggested we go and Nina perked up immediately. She loves the farmer's market because it is filled with "new" food :) She immediately asked if we could buy butter and bread! Eileen and I both laughed as said of course! On a number of our farmer's market excursions with Eileen we have bought the most amazing fresh butter and then gone to Our Daily Bread to eat it with fresh rolls and yummy juice and coffee! Delicious!!! While the girls went to the farmer's market, Teddy hung out with dad and got prepared for the Boy Scouts Pine Wood Derby!

Without much ado, we arrived at the farmer's market. As we strolled up and down each aisle, Nina would point out where she'd want to go and which fruit she wanted to taste or not :) She reminded us that Eileen bought flowers last time (totally true) and that we shouldn't forget the butter (that's my girl!). On our way to the flowers, Nina found some succulents that she simply had to have. I had her pay and she did ever so proudly. Then we got Eileen her flowers and found our butter!!!

That's the plant I want Mama!

Paying....what a big girl!

Being Goofy with Eileen

Happily watching the man make her snow man balloon ;)

We felt very European, sitting outside Our Daily Bread, sipping our coffee and eating our bread and butter and fresh pastries! Nina pretty much preferred butter and a tiny bit of bread :) Then again, she is half Portuguese and we love our butter! All that was missing was some sort of pork product (preferably bacon) and Vovo (my dad) would have been burst into song :)

After our morning excursion, we returned home and spent some time hanging out with my dear friend Kelly. She loved Teddy's room and was so happy to hear how much he delighted in it! Eventually, Nina fell asleep for a short nap! With a belly full of butter what more could we expect.

After her nap, Nina and Eileen finished working on the tile magnets they had started the day before. Eileen had given this craft to Nina for Christmas and the two had a blast painting. My favorite tile that Nina made was of a tornado. Neither Eileen and I would have guessed it was a tornado until Nina told us. It made it all the more delightful; her creativity in full bloom.

My precious friend Crystal came to visit with her mom and sister. Prior to Nina's illness I had met Crystal's mom Mina but during this journey she has continuously reached out in love to me. It was so nice to have them all spend time with Nina. Of course, I should post a sign stating that if folks want a hug from Nina they need to steal it :) You just need to sweep in and quickly give it because if you ask the answer is always NO from the Queen :)

After Crystal's visit, Nina, Eileen and Kelly went to see Teddy race at the Pinewood Derby. He was so proud. I love him in that uniform....just want to gobble him up but I resisted since that wouldn't be cool to do in front of his friends. Nina was surprisingly happy to be out. Normally, she resists going to big group functions but she was super excited to cheer for Teddy and kept asking, "Is Teddy winning?" Twice she willingly walked to the snack table and got a couple of tangerines. She must have eaten 5 :) She even said hello to folks that came to greet us. Teddy was particularly vigilant and in between races would come  to check on Nina; precious boy! I was relieved that Nina felt so confident, especially as people would do the "quick-see" where they'd look at Nina and turn away with such sad and shocked faces. Frankly, it pissed me off!!! I wish people, especially adults, would just force themselves to smile and look "normal"!! Yes she looks different, yes she can't walk well but damn it just control your facial expressions! I understand why for the most part she is hesitant to go out in public. I also understand that people aren't trying to be mean, just lack social awareness! Irrespective still pissed me off!!

Teddy and his #8 racer

Setting up for the race

Teddy did well in his races and was happily interacting with his buddies. After his final race, we returned home while the guys stayed for the awards ceremony. About an hour later Todd texted that the computer with all of the race times had crashed!! Eileen, Kelly and I just died from laughter because this meant that Todd would be stuck there longer. He had already complained about going and now would have to be tortured just a bit more!

Foot massages....$1 please!

Before long, the guys returned home. Teddy won a trophy for 3rd place. He was very proud and Nina very impressed. She proclaimed that she wanted to win a trophy and Teddy proceeded to tell her all the ways in which she could :) After dinner, Teddy opened up  his massage shop. He is such a little entrepreneur :) He charges $1 for foot and back rubs and I must admit, he does a fabulous job!!! I loved watching him cuddle with Eileen! Over the past couple of months his level of affection with others has skyrocketed. Eileen loves every bit of it! I can't blame her! I know I favor each hug, kiss and sweet nothing!

Peaceful slumber

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  1. Congrats to Teddy! 3rd place is awesome! ~:)
    My husband still has his pinewood derby cars from when he was Teddy's age. That is so cool Teddy...Nice looking #8 car!

    So happy that Nina was enjoying the great for both her and Teddy!