Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 133

Tuesday December 28, 2010

Today we returned to Santa Barbara. Adelae flew with Nina and I, while Todd took Teddy and Silas (as well the cat and dog!) in the car. Silas found it particularly amusing that Max (the cat) roamed around the car, laying in each lap for segments of time :) Periodically (okay daily) I wish I were that cat, just so I could spend half of my day comatose and the other half demanding either food or attention!

Bob, the pilot who flew us back home to Santa Barbara was a darling man, whose own daughter had a brain tumor in her adolescence. They got their miracle. I am continuously praying that we get ours.

Watching the girls fly was a total hoot. Nina has become such a pro...a consummate air traveler! Adelae has only flown once before so crawling into the tiny plane was a bit intimidating! The best part was watching their darling faces illuminate with delight as we passed clouds! Their innocent curiosity ("What's that Rosy?", "Mama...look it's snow.") was delicious, absolutely delicious! Half way through the flight, Nina busted out with "May-day, May-day". We all cracked up, especially Bob. I asked Nina where she had learned that and she replied, "I dunno." Addie just burst into laughter!

Although Nina had an amazing time in Turlock, she was ecstatic to be home. To make the homecoming even sweeter, we found Eileen's Christmas FedEx box at the front door! While we waited for the guys to arrive, we played Wii, painted, and Adelae read one of the books she needed to do a book report on. She is such a brilliant girl! Periodically, she asked me a question about what she was reading that would turn into an amazing 5 minute conversation you'd expect to have with a college student! I pray that she never loses that drive to learn!

By the time the guys arrived, it was dinner time. Teddy was so excited to show Silas his remolded bedroom. Every kid that sees that room is left salivating! We are so thankful to the Serenas for making Teddy feel so special! He treasures his room beyond measure...actually there is measure...he picks up his toys and clothes :) That never happened before!

While in Turlock, the kids had wanted to see the new Chronicles of Narnia movie. Since we hadn't had time to watch it there, we decided to watch it after dinner. Nina decided that she was too tired for a late movie so she stayed home to play Wii with Todd.

The movie and popcorn were great! After the movie, I took the kids for a midnight walk at Goleta Beach. Teddy and I do this frequently. Adelae and Silas thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was stoked because I'm definitely NOT the cool aunt, so whenever I'm given that title I relish it :) For about 30 minutes they raced up and down the beach chasing each other and screaming at the top of their lungs. Periodically they'd try to freak each other out by pointing out a shadow. At these moments, I'd take off running which would result in Silas screaming in pretend terror "You better stop or I'm gonna wrestle you to the ground when I catch you!" Try as I might, he always caught me within 30 seconds :) It was so much fun to laugh and laugh and laugh. Teddy simply glowed! He needs these moments of sheer delight and happiness!

Midnight beach stroll.....soo much fun!!!

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