Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 137

Saturday January 1, 2011

Heart broken.

My existence is topsy-turvey, a state of utter disorder. One second I'm happy and the next I'm feeling demolished. Good thing I'm surrounded by psychologists. Sometimes I wonder if I'm nuts but they reassure me I'm not!

The first day of 2011 was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Please refer to the blog entry entitled "I Feel Invigorated!" It describe in detail our first day of the brand new year and the emotions that were encircling me.

We all slept in.
Ate a fabulous breakfast of pancakes, bacon and strawberries with whipped cream.
Went for a hike at Campus Point through the bluffs.
Went to Zodo's for dinner.
Had movie night at home.
Got scolded at by Miss Nina.
Got amazing news...Eileen was coming on Monday to spend the week with us!
Watched the boys play XBox.
Hung out on the living room mattress.

At bedtime, Nina was a bit loopy from her Atavan. She toppled over in bed and I laughed. She pushed herself up and scolded, "It's inappropriate to laugh at me when I get hurt!" I laughed even more! Where does she get this vocabulary? She just laughed her rascally giggle.

Once she was asleep, I went to check on the boys. I caught them red-handed! They had snuck the laptop into bed and were playing Club Penguin! Todd had caught them doing the same thing Thursday night! They looked totally panicked :) HA! They turned in their goods and wrapped themselves up in blankets.

Everyone slept! We had survived the first day of 2011. That was perfect! Surviving...nothing better!

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  1. There is something so wise, so pure, so amazing about children's honesty. Their ability to express their perception of the world in such a spontaneous, and, as we can see, in such a cute way that we can't help but smile! what is great to see is how incredibly assertive she can be 
    Children are too wise for us to understand, I think.

    My favorite part about this video: her observation of how Mama's eye was stinging, and her ability to make Mama laugh about it. I think that is indeed the magic of children....if that makes any sense at all (I am a bit sleep deprived :)??? Simply put, they know how to laugh at life, the good and the bad and the meaningless….we, as adults, forget to do the same…or we forget how to do it, I guess. Before I continue typing like I talk…sometimes without remembering exactly where I was headed, and before I have people who know me out there think I’m crazy (haha) let me bring my thoughts to an end. Let me say what I initially wanted to say when commenting on you blog, let me say the ONLY thing I can say:

    Thanks again, Rosy, for sharing such intimate moments with us. I can only speak for me, but your ability to share such deep pain with others has made a real impact in me, it has allowed me to view my own life from a new perspective. I feel indebted to you, in a good way of course  in the best of a grateful way. Thank you. That really is all I can say.