Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 123

Saturday December 18, 2010

We had to wake up early to attend Santa's breakfast at Nordstrom. I thought for sure Teddy would be annoyed but he was beyond enthusiastic for a boy who didn't believe in Santa anymore. Nina on the other hand was furious. She didn't want to go see Santa. She didn't want to have Santa stare at her. She lit up like a firecracker on the fourth of July! Poor Teddy just stood there, astonished and disappointed. For a split second, I couldn't think. Should I make her go or not?? I looked at Teddy who was so excited and realized that for far too long we had put his needs and wishes on the back burner. He was looking forward to this, to seeing his little sister talk to Santa, to doing something special. So I told Nina that she could make one of two choices, either be happy and have fun or stay grumpy. She yelled at me while trying to slug at my face, "You always make me choices!" Ha! I wrestled her pants on and we put her into the car. At first Teddy looked terrified and even said we didn't need to go. I explained that she was just being cranky. By the time we were around our block, she had stopped screaming. By the time we reached the freeway (all of 2 minutes) she was totally calm! Phew!!!!

We had a great time at the Santa's breakfast.  While we ate, Santa came by. Nina didn't cry. She avoided eye contact at first but eventually smiled. Teddy found her interaction completely hysterical....but at least he didn't burst her bubble and announce that Santa wasn't real like he had whispered into my ear first thing in the morning. Then one of Santa's helpers came by and reminded us to not forget about the puppet show. Teddy declared that puppet shows were lame. The young woman smiled at me a You've got a fun one on your hands kind of grin! Thanks Teddy! After she left, I reminded Teddy about filtering his thoughts (a term I adopted from one of his classmate's moms). I explained again that he doesn't have to actually voice everything he thinks, that he needs to consider whether it is rude or not before uttering a peep. He just looked at me.

We finished eating and then got a second special surprise of Nina spending up to a $100 dollars in the kid's department. She chose a beautiful pair of sandals and some slippers. Teddy also got a new pair of shoes but didn't find a pair of slippers he wanted. While I was paying, Teddy rushed over and said "Mom you gotta check out the puppet show. It's so cool!" I looked at him and asked if I had heard him correctly, that I recalled him proclaiming it lame just a few minutes ago. He grinned facetiously at me and waved for me to follow him. The puppet show was awesome! And I think Teddy learned a valuable lesson :)

Totally digging the puppet show :)

Once we were done at Nordstroms we went off in search of slippers for Teddy. By this time it was pouring like a monsoon. It had be raining for the past two days, and not just the usual light shower but powerful downpours. We finally found Teddy's old man (like I call them) slippers. He was so stoked! Nina exclaimed that she wanted to play in puddles so we drove home to do so.

Teddy and Nina have always loved playing in puddles. Which kid doesn't?!?! They spent about 20 minutes walking around our complex pouncing from one puddle to the next. It was precious. It was beautiful! The only reason they agreed to come in for baths was because it began to pour torrentially :)

After warm baths, it was lunch and play time. Both the kids fired up their computers and were on Club Penguin in a matter of seconds. I still can't believe how quickly they've learned to use a computer! Mind blowing!

It poured for the rest of the day. Todd went to his co-worker's Christmas party while the kids and I had movie night with popcorn. We had started our day off early so bedtime was easier than normal. Phew! By the time Todd got home, I was ready to pass out. Teddy had woken up from a bad dream so Todd cuddled with him while Nina and I nestled warmly underneath the covers. Outside it was pouring. For once, inside my mind, it was quiet. I was glad I had listened to my gut and made Nina go this morning. For far too long I have ignored my gut! As my friend Linda keeps reminding me, trust your gut! I am trying!


  1. I love the picture of Nina in the brown vest, in front of the tree. Such a sweet smile! All the photos you post are great, but this one is special.

    Your thoughts and stories are very moving and powerful. Thank you for continuing to share Nina's strength and journey with us.
    Natalie Johnson

  2. Ah.....Natalie beat me to it! But, I was also going to say how much I love that picture of Nina in front of the tree. It is so beautiful!

    I love all of the pics you post through out your blogs..but my favorite of this bunch is Teddy standing taking in the puppet show, Teddy laughing at Nina's reaction (So funny on so many levels) and the precious Nina one in front of the tree. Beautiful special moments! Great eye Rosy for capturing the perfect pics!

    Love and Hugs!