Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 124

Sunday December 19, 2010

My precious friend Mendy was back in town. How I love Mendy :) The father of a little boy I work with once described me as blisteringly smart. I am not blisteringly smart, I'm just nice. Mendy is blisteringly smart....oh and she's also nice :).....and has a much fouler mouth than I do! Mendy and I spent the morning in LA together. It was pouring but we accomplished a ton. One of Mendy's greatest roles in my life right now is task master! She gently (and sometimes not so gently but necessary) reminds me what to focus on. We all need Mendys in our lives! Too bad I'm not a believer in cloning!

When I returned home, I found Nina playing Wii Matching with Todd. It is so funny how every single adult is determined to get better at Wii just to be able to once beat Nina :) She loves kicking our tushies and loves it even more that we are determined to improve. I've gotten close (not really!). Teddy was playing Club Penguin and closest to me so I gave him a kiss first. I then reached over and kissed Nina, who after inspecting my head for a few miserly seconds, turned to me and said, "You need to paint your hair. It has lots of white." She said this completely matter of factly. Todd covered his mouth to muffle his laugh. I outright chuckled!! What a sass ball!! I thanked Nina for her styling tips and then went to the bathroom to check out the mess she had so aptly commented on. Well...she was right! I needed to paint my hair. And so I did! After all was said and done, I came back down stairs and sat next to Nina. She looked at me again and this time said, "Oh, it's black." with a hint of disappointment in her tone. I scoffed and asked what color had she expected and she replied, "Like my hair." I just shook my head of freshly painted hair! I can't win with this girl!!!

Later on, I sent out a text telling everyone about Nina's painting comment. My friend Danny responded by saying that I take the notion/therapeutic strategy of following the child's lead to a whole new level :) He was right! So right! At least I didn't have white in my hair any more :)

It poured so heavily the rest of the day that we stayed indoors, playing games and cuddled underneath piles of blankets. While Todd went to the gym, Nina and I napped. Napping with my kids is like a taste of Heaven for me!

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