Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 143

Friday January 7, 2010

After I took Teddy to school, Nina surprised us by declaring it a shopping day! Eileen was ecstatic because she had just finished telling me that she wanted to return to Tiffany's and have Nina choose matching necklaces for me and her. What sweetness!

We made ourselves presentable and went to La Cumbre Mall. Nina looked like a seasoned jewelry shopper as she strolled by each case identifying necklaces and charms she liked and wanted to inspect more closely! It made me laugh to see my rascally daughter browse the rows of gorgeous necklaces and demand (with all politeness of course) to see specific ones with complete and total confidence ;)  The gentleman attending to us was utterly wonderful and super patient. In the end, Nina chose perfect necklaces! Of course she did :)

The walking Nina did at Tiffany's took its toll on Nina and by the time we returned to the car she was about to pass out. I dropped Eileen and Nina off at the house and went on my way to pick up Teddy. I waited for Teddy outside of the classroom. When he came out and saw me, he flashed me the biggest of smiles, "Hiya there mamacita!" It made my heart flutter to see him happy to see me! When he is happy I am on cloud nine!!!

We returned home and Teddy joined Cami and Katie outside. They were committed to building their "fort" under the trees by the front of our condo complex. Periodically I'd hear them in the garage searching for something. "This is the perfect one!" Teddy would declare with commanding authority :) He is such a funny kid and his imagination is astounding!

The rest of the evening was benign. Nina played Wii and beat us all! Teddy stayed outside until it was dark and it was time to eat dinner. During one of her Wii breaks (just enough of a reprieve for the losing adult to collect his or her dignity before the next beating!) Nina shouted for me to hurry up and take a picture of her and Max. I rushed over because normally Nina is annoyed at all of my photo taking. I quickly took the photo and then spent the next 3 minutes sending it to everyone I love!

Poor Max looks like he is being choked! What a good sport!

Today had been a simple day and I was grateful for that! Simplicity is a good thing!

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  1. Oh my... I LOVE the picture of Max and Nina! She looks adorable and he looks hilarious! His eyes crack me up! ha ha ha! ~;)

    Thanks for sharing the pic...! By the way Happy Belated Birthday Rosy! Capricorns are special people!

    Love and Hugs!