Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 131

Sunday December 26, 2010

Coming back home for Christmas has been such a blessing! It has allowed us to spend time with our families.

Time. I have spent my entire life being in a hurry. This used to drive my mom nuts. As a kid I was always in a hurry and that trait definately maintained throughout my adulthood until August 19th.

Now....all I want to do is slow down time! If only I could stop it!

Today we had family visit. My aunts (mother's sisters) from the Bay Area came into town. It was great seeing them interact with Nina and Teddy. Most of all, I loved seeing the joy in my mother's eyes!

After visiting with my aunts, we went to Todd's folks and visited with some of his cousins. I was glad that so many of our relatives had come to visit. Nina was comfortable being at my parent's or at Todd's parents. Taking her to large gatherings was too overwhelming for her but being on her own turf allowed everyone to spend time together.

I was especially happy that we had been able to fade her from the steriods. Since doing so her mood and responsivity have greatly improved. Bottom line, she feels better and it shows. She is willing to interact more. The best part today was seeing her keep up with her cousins. It didn't matter if they were doing an art project, running outside, chasing each other in a wild game of tag, or having a race on their new flying tutrles, Nina was motivated to keep up. It was precious!

Once all the visitors left, the kids got ready to go see the new Yogi Bear movie. Honestly, I didn't have high expectations...but it was awful! The kids loved it so that's all that mattered! By the time we returned home it was snack time and then off to bed. We were going to the snow so everyone needed to rest up! All Nina could talk about was making snow balls so bed time was quite a challenge :) Lucky for her, Teague (who was her sleep-over buddy) is just as big a talker. I lay next to them, listening to their endless chatter. Listening to kid's conversations is absolutely hysterical. Listening to Teague and Nina, I realized that I need to add way more sound effects to my conversations. Doing so should keep people more interested in what I have to say :)

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  1. Rosy~

    The Lord above certainly was hearing you and answering your prayers for the holidays to be spent with the ones that love you all the most and surround you all with caring hearts and loving arms! May the Lord continue his blessings on each one of you!

    Prayers always for Nina!