Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Radiation Treatment- Part II

This is a second video of Nina prior to treatment. It's a continuation of how we spend our morning keeping her entertained. I love her laugh and am willing to do anything to hear it! In this clip, I'm retelling a story from the previous day when Nina and I went shopping at Macys. While paying, I was fumbling around in my purse. Nina was sitting in her stroller watching her goofy mom search for her identification. As I rummaged through my purse, Nina blurted out, "Mama...hurry up and concentrate!" The clerks started laughing hysterically and so did Nina! She was so proud of herself!! Witty girl, silly mama!

What I also love about this clip is how Nina steadies herself when the doctor comes in! She even tries to say, "Good morning Dr. Weisenberger." Sweet girl!! That is totally a mouth-full :) She is so very brave!!


  1. She has the best laugh...she is sooo beautiful~! what a doll....

    Tons of hugs and prayers!

  2. BUTTER MORE BUTTER! Nina can come taste test thanksgiving at my house where I have to Buy the Costco sizes of butter so there is enough for all the tasty recipes. If there is one thing i know, you can't have to much BUTTER!

    LOVE AND KISSES to you all!