Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nina Takes Mommy Shopping

Today (9-13-10) was the best day of treatment ever!! Nina recovered from sedation within 15 minutes and gobbled up a smorgie of yogurt parfait, oatmeal, toast, and sweet potato fries (don't ask!). Then as we were getting ready to leave she requested we go to Panda Express and have orange chicken. If that wasn't great already, she asked to go shopping!!!! My whole day was sunshine!


  1. The sound of that sweet Nina laughter is just... pure goodness. xxoo - b

  2. Dear Rosy,
    You have been in my heart since the day I found out about Nina. I know we haven't seen each other in a long time, but you will forever hold a special place in my heart. I have lots of wonderful memories with you!

    I am praying for God's healing on your precious baby girl. I love to hear about the faith of your family. You are incredible examples to the world of true Christians. Continue putting your lives in God's hands.
    With love,

  3. Rosy,

    This is such a precious mother-daughter moment.

    You and your beautiful family are in my thoughts and prayers always. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


  4. This laugh reminds me of when she- on a daily basis- frantically typed random letters on my laptop's keyboard whenever I was doing 'important work'. And then when she insisted that I read to her what she'd typed. It never got old, and she found it hysterical. Loved seeing you all today. xo

  5. Her laughter is pure joy...A smile was on my face the whole time...I think she should've given you a thumbs up :)