Sunday, September 19, 2010

Midnight Meals

The first number of days of radiation were particularly difficult because Nina was STARVING!! Because Nina has to be NPO for at least 6-7 hours before being sedated, we were having her not eat or drink anything past midnight. the time we actually got to sedation it had been over 10 hours since she had last eaten. This was not working and she made it very clear to us!!

So....Eileen and I finally got our act together and decided that we would have "midnight-meals" to help minimize the hunger in the morning. The reality was that the steroids were making her psychotically hungry at all times, but having something in her belly around midnight did seem to help....we had less intense crying and complaining.

Now let me be clear, these "midnight-meals" weren't some tiny little snacks from Trader Joe's (we love TJs by the way!!). We're talking about full on meals! Prior to bed, Nina would put in her order and I would make sure we had all the ingredients. Frequent requests consisted of breakfast foods like pancakes, homemade waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, bacon, little smokies. You name it, the queen had it if she requested it.

One of my most favorite events from these past few weeks was when Nina had her radiation appointment at noon. Usually we have our appointments first thing in the morning so she doesn't have to be fasting for so long. On this particular Wednesday it wasn't scheduled till 12:30. Consequently, we moved our midnight meal to 4am. So at 3am I began to make homemade waffles and fry up fresh bacon. The smells wafting through the kitchen eventually made their way up the stairs and into our bedroom where Todd was sleeping. He told me later he lay in bed salivating at the smell of bacon at 3am!!! I couldn't stop laughing!!

The Queen and her midnight meal

Max the Menace joining in

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