Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mother of All Excuses

So the Monday after we returned from Cedars Sinai, Todd came back from the mailbox with an enormous pile of mail. Eileen and I were sitting with Nina on the living room mattress. He began to go through the pile and about 5 letters into it found a jury summons for himself! As you can imagine, he was not happy! Then he proceeded to continue to go through the rest of the mail and what else did he find but a jury summons for me!!!! Seriously!!! We have never been both summoned at the same time. And to have this happen now was outrageous and ridiculous!! What are the odds??

Consequently, we had to fill out the hardship section and explain why we couldn't serve. Dr. B sweetly agreed to write letters excusing us from participating. I still can't believe that we both got summons!

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