Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 58

Thursday October 14, 2010

" it time to go to the beach house yet?" Nina asked me at 6am!!!! I laughed as she rolled in towards me, lips puckered, and gave me the juiciest kiss, hoping I would be convinced it was time to leave by her grand gesture of affection :) I explained it was too early to wake up and reminded her that we would be leaving after we picked up Teddy from school around lunch time. "Ooh!" she whispered. Ooh had become her favorite response, and she said it in a very particular way, slightly winded and very young sounding! It had become one of my favorite new things about this Nina!

Two hours later, she rolled back toward me and once again tried her charms on me, " it morning yet?" I just shook my head. The girl was strong-willed there was no doubt about that, but damn was she ever tenacious. I smiled and this time I poured the sugar on her; I kissed her chubby, beautiful cheeks repeatedly until she laughed and announced that she was ready to go to the beach house. Tenacious little monkey!!! I sat up and pulled her in for a tight hug. I explained once again the plan for the day: we needed to finish packing, cook the cookies and chicken, pick up Teddy, eat lunch, and wait for Dada to arrive home from work. Once Dada was home then we would be ready to leave. She pulled away from my embrace and said, "Ooh...let's go cook." So we did!

We spent the morning cooking a sundry of treats...peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and cupcakes. We covered every one's favorite baked goods since we weren't going to have a working oven and it was now or never :) Our family is very spoiled....when we go on vacation, Brandi and I spend the entire time cooking and baking. It is a blast (although I normally end up feeling like I need a vacation to recover from the vacation :)) and everyone delights in the home-cooked goodness. Given the current cooking situation, Brandi and I had decided that we would prepare meals ahead of time and bring our crock-pots so that we would still have great meals but without the fuss :)

Sticky hands from making peanut butter dough.

Mama's little helper

After the peanut butter cookies were in the oven, we proceeded to grill some of Nina's favorite chicken tenders. She loves this recipe (Asian-fusion) and will frequently ask for this chicken. Last night as I seared the roasts, she inquired if I had remembered to make this chicken. I told her I hadn't but that as always she was full of brilliant ideas. I ran to the store, picked up the ingredients and she and I made the marinade. Once the chicken was off the grill I had it on a tray on the kitchen table so that it could cool off before I packed it up for the drive. As I pulled the second batch of cookies out of the oven, I heard her say, "Mmmm". I looked up and found her nibbling on a piece of chicken. She saw me and gave me the biggest smile, letting me know that she approved of my grilling skills :)

We finished our last tray of chocolate chip cookies and put them in the oven around 10:45am. Nina went outside to visit the twins next door while I brought all of our bags into the kitchen. After I had gathered all of possessions, I joined Nina in our neighbor's patio. There I found her helping feed Charlotte and Etienne. Nina loves the babies and they love her! It is precious and we are so thankful to have such amazing neighbors like the Turlindens!

Nina helping Charlotte and Eitenne with their bottles.

As we played with the babies, all of the sudden I got a whiff of something...."The cookies!" I shrieked! I am notorious for not setting the timer when I bake and for burning stuff. As I ran like a mad woman to rescue the cookies, I heard Nina cracking up and telling Janice (the Turlinden's nanny) that I always burn the cookies! Little stinker!

We saved the burnt cookies just in time to pick up Teddy from school. By the time we returned home, Todd had arrived and we packed up the car. The kids were elated!!! Luckily I had picked up some new movies at Blockbuster so for the majority of the 4 hour trip they watched DVDs, I napped, and Todd drove :)

Then it happened....the moment Nina had been waiting for arrived. We got to the beach house! To say that Nina was happy does not do the joy she demonstrated justice!! She was joyous, she was thankful, she was elated beyond words....her little spirit beamed!!
About 5 minutes after we arrived, Papa and Nana arrived with Adelae, Silas, and Teague. The screams of bliss that erupted throughout the neighborhood when those 3 and Teddy and Nina saw each other will forever be seared in my heart (as well as my ear drums:)) We will be indebted to the Sypcher Family and their kindness forever!!!

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  1. adorable videos!! she is so gentle with the babies. :) love you guys thinking of you always.