Sunday, February 23, 2014

Honey Girl

Happy Nina Day!!!

Today, while our Honey Girl celebrated her 9th birthday in Heaven we spent the day remembering the beautiful, amazing, sassy, loving miracle she continues to be! Whomever said "it gets easier with time" clearly never lost a part of their soul. It does not get easier with time. What happens is you learn to live simultaneously with your pain and the moments of happiness that surround you. Everyday we live with the ache that we miss our precious girl and every day we are thankful for the blessing and gift she continues to be!

Her brave and incredible big brother takes our breath away every day. In him we see so much of her. For him we strive to live with gratitude and love for all that life is.

Nina has changed us all! There is not doubt about that. Our hearts were warmed throughout the day by all the messages of love we received from those celebrating Happy Nina Day around the world. In keeping with our tradition of Happy Nina Day, we are proud to announce the launch of The Honey Girl Project. 

The Honey Girl Project is our way of honoring and remembering our precious girl. Specifically, the project has been designed by me and Nina's big cousin, Adelae Fredeen. Each year we will honor 1-2 under-privileged little girls by throwing them an amazing Nina-esque princess party, just like Nina had when she turned 5 years old. Participating girls will receive a little inspirational gift on Nina's birthday each year, reminding them to work hard in school and always pursue their dreams. When participating girls graduate from high school, we would like to provide them with some form of college scholarship. To help fund the scholarship money, we will be organizing annual fundraisers. 

Nina's spirit was beyond incredible and The Honey Girl Project just feels right. It feels like Nina!!

We know that all of Nina's friends and supporters around the world will want more information. Adelae and I will have that available shortly on The Honey Girl Project blog. Once we have the blog up and running, we will have more details and information for those who wish to participate and support the project. 

In the meantime, we would like to introduce our very first Honey Girl Project participant, Miss Jamie. 

Miss Jamie is a talented, loving, smart, beautiful and kind-hearted girl who just turned 7 years old. Jamie loves to read, play with her friends and little sister Gisselle, sing her favorite song "Let it Go" from Frozen, and is always ready to learn at school. For her surprise Princess Party, Jamie, her little sister, her cousins and friends got to spend the afternoon playing dress up, being pampered and having a delightful tea party that Nina would be proud of! 

What a wonderful afternoon spent celebrating such a sweet girl and honoring our very own Nina by sharing her love for all that is glittery, fluffy, fun and fantastically magical! I especially want to thank Jamie's family for being willing to participate in The Honey Girl Project and to my darling friend Sharon who helped me make this all possible!!

We love you Nina!!! More than words or actions can ever explain!!! Thank you for being our light!!


  1. I come back here often, hoping to see your sweet words. I wasn't sure if you were going to update anything this year, but I am so so happy you did. I still think of Nina, as her story changed my life those years ago when I first found your blog. I know I wont be alone when I say I'd love to see more of how your lovely family is, and what adventures you create with your little girl all around you.

  2. Rosy you are so amazing!! I am so proud of you and your Honey-Girl project!! I think of Nina often.. I have her picture on my fridge still and I pray for you constantly. Your strength is admirable! Love to you.. always!!!

  3. Thank-you so much for such a wonderful and inspirational update. I find myself checking back here to see if there are any updates. Nina touched my heart and soul so much. I can't wait to help fund The Honey Girl Project!!!

  4. Love this. I will be checking back for updates. I would love to donate.

  5. I was just on here a couple weeks back to see if there was an update. I stumbled upon your blog near the beginning of your journey and I check back every once in a while to see if you've updated. I'm so happy to hear of the project you have created in honor of Nina. She was no doubt a special girl and will live on not only through your amazing family, but through your new project as well. Looking forward to following The Honey Girl Project blog and donating if I can.

  6. Rosy,
    I am sending you buckets of love. How can I get involved in some way with The Honeygirl Project?

  7. Your precious girl is still in my thoughts, always in my heart. Your family is still in my prayers.

  8. Still thinking of your family and sweet little girl! Love and prayers!❤️

  9. Still thinking/praying for your family.

  10. Still thinking/praying for your family.

  11. Still think of your darling girl. I hope the Honey Girl project is still going strong.

  12. Tomorrow is Feb 1. I think of your Nina often still. Thank you again for sharing her with all of us! <3